These are the Christmas movies we still can’t get enough of

Toy race, Mom, I missed the plane! and Really love is among the most popular Christmas movies. DR / 20th Century Fox / Studio Channel

Santa Claus is rubbish, Mom, I missed the planeReally love… The holiday season is upon us, and it’s definitely time to get back to holiday comedies.

When winter is approaching and the temperature is close to minus, there is only one way out: take shelter at home. And what’s better than a good Christmas movie and hot chocolate to survive this big cold? nothing. Santa Claus is rubbish, Merry Christmas, Hi mom, it’s Christmas or Really love… Cult Christmas movies are back and there’s something for everyone.

Santa Claus is rubbish (1982)

Before it became the Christmas classic everyone knows, Santait’s garbage It was a performance created by the Splendid troupe. In 1982, the play was adapted for the cinema. In this comedy by Jean-Marie Poirier, Pierre Mortez (Thierry Lhermit) and Thérèse (Anemone) ensure the permanence of “SOS Détresse – Amitié”. Throughout the evening, Mr. Preskovich, Katia, Josette, and finally Felix, eccentric characters like each other, will come to disrupt the constancy of the two volunteers.

Comic scenes, unbelievable situations, cartoon characters… 40 years after its release, the film is still a cult French comedy and a staple of Christmas celebrations.

Mom, I missed the plane! (1990)

As the McCallister family prepares to board a plane to Paris to celebrate the end of the year, Kate McCallister discovers that the youngest of the family, Kevin, is missing. Overjoyed to find himself home alone and away from his difficult family, the little boy must face all kinds of adventures… In what has become one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, Mom, I missed the plane! it also allowed a young Macaulay Culkin to become a 1990s child star.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Adapted from Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel of the same name, “Bridget Jones’s Diary” was a worldwide success, grossing over $280 million. Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) is entering her thirty-second year. He works in publishing Pemberley Publishing, drawn by Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant), whom he sees as the ideal man. Single, seasoned smoker, gruff and a little bloated, he decides to take his life back in his hands. The young woman then decides to make a list of good decisions. The first is to keep a diary…

Bridget Jones’s DiaryFilm directed by Sharon Maguire starring Renée Zellweger and Colin First. ALEX BAILEY & PAUL CHEDLOW

Really love (2003)

2003 film directed by Richard Curtis Really love It starts five weeks before Christmas and acts as a countdown to the festive season. Through ten different stories, this British romantic comedy looks at the different forms love can take. Each story introduces a broad cast of characters with no particular connection at first glance. In the course of the film, these lives and these loves intersect, embrace and even intertwine.

Really love is a romantic comedy that evokes different aspects of love. Channel Studio

Super Christmas (1994)

Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has a complicated relationship with his son Charlie, whom he sees only occasionally. On Christmas Eve, Scott witnesses an accident involving Santa Claus. “If something happens to me, wear my suit, the deer will know what to do” can be read on a small cardboard paper. Suspicious at first, Scott climbs into the sleigh and flies off with his son to deliver the gifts. What he doesn’t know is that, wearing a red and white suit, he entered the frame of Santa Claus and officially became … Santa Claus.

Toy Race (1996)

This year for Christmas, Jamie (Jake Lloyd) wants Turbo Man like all the little Americans. And his father Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) promised him that. But this overworked businessman forgot. He remembers his promise a few hours before the presentation of gifts. Howard then begins a race against time to get the robot in question, which of course is no longer available in any store. In order to get his hands on this toy, Jamie’s father will find himself in completely impossible and deceptive situations. Simple but effective comedy.

In Toy raceArnold Schwarzenegger plays Scott and Jake Lloyd plays little Jamie. 20th Century Fox

Hello Mom, It’s Christmas (1993)

This family comedy, directed by Tom Repelewski, is a sequel to two other films: Hi mom, here baby (1989) and Hi mom, it’s me again (1990). They tell the story of the Ubriacco family. Like many children, Mikey and Julie want a dog. After some persuasion with her parents, their mother Molly agrees to adopt Rox, a stray dog. But during this time, father-of-two James finds himself having to take care of his new boss’s elegant poodle, Daphne. The two mutual dogs begin to observe the small family and interpret everything that happens in the Ubriacco house.

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