the end of the series has been announced

after EmployerA new spy series has appeared on Netflix on December 26. The hero of the series is Charlie Cox In character and plays MI6 agent Adam Lawrence, whose past catches up with him as the alluring Russian spy Kara (Olga Kurylenko). The return of this old acquaintance makes him question his whole life. A triangular relationship quickly develops between Kara, Adam and his wife Maddie (Oona Chaplin, seen in Game of Thrones), each trying to uncover the other’s secrets. I’m new to Netflix, In character is already in the top 10 of the most watched TV series. But how does it end?

Is Adam Lawrence the real traitor?

In the fifth and final episode of the series In character, Audrey Gratz’s hopes of becoming the new prime minister are dashed when sensitive information about her is revealed by Adam. After the last election, the head of MI6, Sir Martin Angelis, used one of the many classified documents to blackmail key political actors. Adam uses this opportunity to clear his name once and for all by being accused of playing multiple times at once. He asks his wife, Maddie, to contact Audrey to expose the true identity of Sir Martin Angelis, while promising to recover the hard drive containing all the compromising material. Maddie manages to convince him, and Adam and Kara embark on a mission to find Olamide. But the mission turns out to be tragic: Kara kills Olamide and Dada kills Adam. The Russian spy then gets his hands on a file that reveals MI6’s belief that Adam is the double agent Dorian responsible for killing Kara’s comrades during a mission in Baku. But Kara knows that Adam is not behind these conspiracies, because she was with him when his men were attacked by the famous Dorian. After this terrible tragedy, Adam remained in Russia and saved the embassy from imminent collapse, which increased his influence in MI6. However, Sir Martin Angelis believed it was part of a larger plan to help the Russians gain control of the region. As a result, he decided to keep Adam with him to monitor his every move.

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Who is the famous Dorian?

During a meeting with powerful political leaders, Sir Martin Angelis convinces the assembly that Adam Lawrence is the real traitor, working with Lord Melnikov and Kara to influence the election. This is when Maddie comes face to face with Patrick Hamilton, a close friend of her late husband. But when the latter asks her for the documents, Maddie quickly realizes that Patrick is the famous Dorian. After escaping from him, Adam’s wife gives the famous documents to Audrey, who exposes the truth about Sir Angelis and his blackmailing of his political opponents. Maddy also confronts the head of MI6 and reveals for all to see that Patrick is the infamous Dorian. Determined not to let him go, Kara places the poison-covered photograph in the suitcase pocket, which will quickly kill him. The miniseries ends with Sir Angelis arrested and sworn to expose Constable Dada for his role in the kidnapping of Maddie’s daughter Ella. As for Kara, she returns to Russia, leaving Maddie behind.

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In character : Will there be a season 2 of the Netflix series?

After this explosive and unexpected finale, viewers are now wondering about the future of the series. Netflix has scheduled season 2 In character ? So far, the platform has not announced the future of the Charlie Cox-dressed spy fiction. However, it is important to remember In character was classified as a mini-series. As a result, there is very little chance of the series being renewed for a 2nd season. Nevertheless, as with the miniseries, you should never say never. Watchman Where Dahmer finally updated.

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