OPPRA wants to energize the world of fashion and photography in Haiti

Since its inception, OPPRA, a civil society organization, has sought to breathe new life into the artistic and cultural scene in Haiti. The managers of this structure invest their passion and impulses in two artistic sectors: fashion and photography, which are a source of work and income in the country. Jackson Badeau, king of OPPRA, reported to Le National about the various projects and activities of this organization. Care.

National: Since its inception, OPPRA has chosen to promote fashion and photography in Haiti, why did you choose to invest in these two sectors?

Jackson Badeau: Yes, since our creation in 2015 and the realization of our first project “Rendez-vous rad Lakay” in 2018, photography and fashion have been in our every initiative and perspective. Photography is and remains a sector related to fashion, so having a professional photography sector is vital for quality fashion promotion.

NL: What have you achieved in the last year?

JB: 2022 was an innovative period, despite the country’s problems, because OPPRA transferred the Rendez-vous Rad Lakay project to the ministry (MCI) and carried out several projects: exhibitions in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague and Paradis 33 Delmas 33- also a restaurant.

NL: How do you see the fashion and photography sector in Haiti? Have you identified any challenges in each of these areas? Tell us, how can we solve these challenges?

JB: OPPRA’s presence is in the process of providing elements of short and long-term solutions by creating a distribution network covering the four corners of the country and the Haitian diaspora, as well as digitizing this network to facilitate online shopping.

The second is the promotion of these sectors at the national and international level through the systematic organization of clothing fairs and fashion shows made in Haiti. The third is to strengthen training in sewing, photography, fashion merchandising and quality control, and create creative and promoter commissions aimed at revitalizing the sector.

NL: Don’t ready-made clothes and electronic gadgets produced abroad have a negative impact on these two sectors?

JB: For ready-to-wear, Haiti needs to invest in ready-to-wear because we have about 12 million Haitians with a strong diaspora that if we can get them to consume clothes made in Haiti, it’s worth millions of dollars.

For gadgets, a photo in 2022 shows two planets stars, and it wasn’t taken with a simple smartphone. Photography will always remain a universal profession and will be in great demand in the market, especially with the Photoshop phenomenon.

NL: Do you think OPPRA can develop these two sectors?

JB: Of course, one of our achievements for 2022 was the coverage of nineteen municipalities in the North within the framework of strengthening these sectors.

NL: Do you have short and medium term projects?

JB: Yes, this year we are already working with ISPAN on the first edition of “Citadelle Laferrière à la mode”, which consists of organizing three days of activities between fashion and Haitian heritage in three sites.

We are working on a series of photography training courses, one of which will start on January 21st and run for three months.

This photography training project targets marginalized youth in five departments of the country. Establishing a computerized and operational distribution system in Haiti and abroad. Creation of manufacturing workshops that will contribute to the creation of jobs for the North and the South and guide the youth to other future prospects.

NL: Who supports your initiatives?

JB: OPPRA is looking for support and is open to sponsors.

LN: Can you tell us about your organization?

JB: OPPRA: Òganizações pou prêmões rad ayiseni is a distribution, promotion and empowerment network for the Haitian fashion sector.

Jackson BADEAU is the president. It works with a central committee of seven members and several departmental committees of thirteen members each.

National: One last word

Jackson Badeau: Fashion is a huge and underutilized sector in Haiti. Fashion and photography can contribute to creating a business hub for the country, we are looking for everyone’s support and contribution to join OPPRA in its efforts.


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