Netflix France in January 2023: new movies and series to watch

Many movies and series will be released on Netflix on January 1. But rest assured: the tide of content will continue to rise throughout the month. Good year!

Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform Netflix is ​​starting the new year with the arrival of many new series, some of which are already in their second, third or fourth seasons. The program also includes several new films. If you like animated series, you will have something to do.

The series will be available on Netflix in January 2023

January 1: Kaleidoscope

With Giancarlo Esposito! A robbery story.

January 1: Ms. Voyeur

The story of a hacker who is a little too curious… and a voyeur.

January 1: Hajime no ippo

Boxing reference manga.

January 1: Monster

A manga classic.

January 1: Apron way2 seasons

A Yakuza becomes a landlord and tries to settle down.

January 4: The Lying Life of Adults

Everyone lies.

January 5: Ginny & Georgia2 seasons

A continuation of the adventures of Georgia and Ginny.

January 5: revenge

The woman wants revenge.

January 5: The Copenhagen Cowboy

So this is the story of a woman who serves as a man’s lucky charm because of her powers. But he’s had enough and now he wants revenge.

January 6: Hot inside!

Cooking class between chefs.

January 9: tram

A tragedy. A politician’s wife. Family secret. Heavy past. Good!

January 10: Vinland Saga

Cartoon Vikings. Adapted from a popular manga.

January 11: to sexualize2 seasons

The not-so-simple life of three entrepreneurs.

January 12: Makanai: In the Maiko kitchen

Maikos are to geishas what padawans are to jedi. Is it clear?

January 12: Vikings: Valhalla2 seasons

We all go to heaven. But some are crowned with glory and the fury of dying in battle. Like the Vikings.

January 13: Trial by fire

Parents lost their children in the fire in the cinema. Based on real facts.

January 13: Blue Rojo3 seasons

You liked the first two seasons, so here goes.

January 19: That 90s show

Same as delirium That 70’s Showbut twenty years later.

January 19: Maniac: The Macabre Anthology by Junji Ito

Yes, then I, to my horror and horror, take my turn.

20th January: In place

With Jean-Pascal Zadi, Eric Judor, Benoit Poelvoorde. He desires you with these three.

20th January: Shahmaran

An ancient myth. Epic love. According to Netflix

20th January: Fauda4 seasons

The action-packed series returns for a new season “. Summary of Netflix.

20th January: The Delights Brigade2 seasons

Baking competition.

20th January: Shantytown

A group of prostitutes wants to get rid of the mafia boss.

20th January: Bling Empire: New York

Bling bling.

January 21: The chemistry of spirits1 season 2 parts

X part y 2, 3, 4 series releases in parts has now become fashionable?

January 25: Contra las cuerdas

A wrestling story!

January 26: Valkyrie ApocalypseSeason 2 episodes 1 to 10

Valkyrie Apocalypse2 seasons 1 episode, it worked too.

January 27: Lockwood & Co.

Teenage boys hunt ghosts.

January 27: Kings of Jo’Burg2 seasons

New season.

January 27: Little Girl in the Snow

A child disappears during a parade, and a journalist decides to help his parents find him.

January 31: Planet Junk

A mockumentary tracing the history of civilization.

Date not specified: 100% Physical!

Muscular guys.

Date not specified: Endless Night

France-Belgium series.

Movies coming to Netflix in January 2023

January 1: Inside Man

by Spike Lee. Jodie Foster, Denzel Washington, Clive Owen.

January 1: Small towels

A poignant and sad film with a three-star cast.

January 1: Autumn legends

Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

January 1: the founder

How McDonald’s was born.

January 1: Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean 8

Yes, one is missing.

January 1: Tax collector

Shia LaBeouf arrives to settle the scores.

January 1: The delights of the palace

This is still a list of movies for January 1st. This list is endless.

January 1: Big share

Josiane Balasco, Karin Viard, Didier Bourdon.

January 1: Couples therapy

American comedy.

January 1: The Heartbreaker

French comedy.

January 4: How I became a gangster

A gangster climbs the criminal ladder in Poland.

January 5: RogueAgent

Oh! Gemma Arterton!

January 6: Pale Blue Eye

There’s Christian Bale. So, yes.

January 7: Honey boy

About biography Tax collectionr. Shia Lebeuf.

January 13: A lost dog

The dog is lost in the mountains. Two men try to find him.

January 13: First night ever

Comedy with Alexandra Lamy.

January 17: The blow of the century

But maybe not the movie of the century.

January 19: Al-Khalat+

Art, deception and tricks. An anthology of the genre.

20th January: Daisy

Movie with Catherine Frot.

20th January: Loyalty

The Korean War. Two airmen clinging to each other. Based on a true story.

20th January: Majnu mission

History of India’s espionage against Pakistan over nuclear weapons. Nice atmosphere.

January 23: Narvik

Second world war. Nazis occupy the city. A Norwegian soldier fights in a trench. His wife must face the invader.

January 27: You People

Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy!

Date not specified: JUNG_E

Science fiction movie.

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