Highway, climate, medical desert: what to remember from Christophe Ramond’s aspirations for the Tarn

Christophe Ramond, president of the Tarn departmental council, announced the road map for 2023 this Thursday evening while presenting his aspirations. Faced with a deteriorating context, he intends to mobilize on all fronts and advocates “what must be done urgently”.

It has been two years since the ceremony was canceled due to a health crisis. This Thursday evening Christophe Ramond returned to the fulfillment of wishes to personalities.

After enjoying a jam-packed meeting at the entrance to the Hôtel du Departement, the outlook for the start of the year looks rather bleak. “The widening civil gap can be compared to a black hole. There is something deeply disturbing in this emptiness, this discouragement,” the president of the departmental council emphasizes.

“Everything’s Cracking”

The elected official, facing the observation that “everything is cracking”, starting from the public services, emphasizes “the importance of urgency, effectiveness, and providing concrete solutions.” A concern he has put at the center of his 2023 roadmap.

Roads. After the Albi-Castres road, the community intends to modernize the roads in the South, which will benefit from an extension of 27 million euros. “This year we will start major works, in particular the Puylaurens bypass and create new overpasses to facilitate the Brassac-Lacaune crossing,” explains the president, who took the opportunity to criticize the A69’s rivals. “We can demonstrate, but there is an intangible principle in democracy: respect for the fact of the majority.” Work is also planned on the Gaillac-Montauban axis with the construction of a new overpass.

Soft mobility. In 2023, 5 new car park areas will be created. An idea is being developed to offer free rides to 18-25 year olds. The community also plans to create 500 km of cycle paths by 2028, such as the greenway between Castres and Lacaune, which will begin development.

White paper on water

Fires. After a summer marked by numerous fires, Christophe Ramond wants to strengthen the equipment of the firefighters, who should benefit from an envelope of 5 million euros, so that they can buy about two dozen additional vehicles.

Environment. A “White Paper” is also being prepared to better protect water resources. Green islands will be created in the colleges with waterproof floors and shade. EHPADs will benefit from a ‘climate’ envelope of €1 million per year to adapt to higher temperatures.

Agriculture. An exceptional envelope worth €100,000 will be put to the vote to support the poultry sector, which has been hit by bird flu.

medical desert. Although health is not a departmental mandate, the community finances the installation of salaried doctors in health centers such as Mazamet and Lacaune, and GIP plans to join “Ma Santé, Ma Region”.

Youth. To improve the daily lives of the 2,000 children entrusted to it, the department commits to creating 40 additional reception places, hiring 30 additional family assistants, increasing the budget for child psychiatry by 800,000 euros and providing computers to everyone who enters the college. . The first stone of the new Administration Orphanage should be laid by summer.

Open doors at the museum

Dependence. In 2023, the budget allocated to autonomy will increase by 8%. 12 million euros will be mobilized for the modernization of old people’s homes within 5 years. The Department is also involved in building the future Departmental Autonomy House, a one-stop service for solidarity.

use it. In 2023, the Public Service for Integration and Employment will operate in Graulhet and within the municipalities of Sor-Agout and Carmausin. Regional integration meetings should also be held in the department “before the summer” to promote good practices. Finally, municipalities and inter-municipal organizations willing to employ a beneficiary of the RSA will receive financial assistance of €500 per month for 6 months, provided they offer continuity of employment. »

Education. In particular, an 84 million euro multi-year plan is underway to launch the new Couffouleux college, to completely reconfigure the Graulhet college or to develop the dojo and sports area in Cordes.

Culture. In 2023, the Musée Mine de Cagnac will reopen. Free open days will be offered to find out.

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