10 Movies About Animated Dolls

Want to play? Some are soft and cute. Others are downright terrifying. Regardless of the genre, there have been many memorable stories of puppets coming to life. Whether it’s Buzz and Bo Peep or a gift looking for its next victim, bringing plastic play props is a surefire way to be successful.

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As expected Barbie and M3GAN movies come out, the movies around the dolls keep following each other… to infinity and beyond! Watch past and current movies featuring your favorite toy. Remember, not all dolls are created equal, so play nice!

‘Barbie’ (2023)

Releasing in July 2023, the film redefines the brand and the star that comes with it. As seen in movie trailers and posters, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling they are dazzlingly bright with their matching outfits and megawatt smiles.

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The romantic comedy will go beyond clothes and accessories. Barbie leaves Barbieland, rejected because of her flaws. As he joins the human world, the audience will be entertained and learn a few lessons along the way.

“Annabelle” (2014)

Going from a bright Barbie to the darkest dolls, Annabelle is a movie about gifts gone wrong. A doctor gives his pregnant wife a precious-looking vintage doll for the nursery. Sounds incredibly sweet, right?

From there, neighbors are murdered, a would-be couple is attacked, and paranormal activity ensues. After a disturbing start to parenthood, the couple discovers that demons use a porcelain doll to take souls. Ah!

“Life Size” (2000)

I don’t know how the rest of the world felt, but in 2000 the breaks were crazy Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan in Full scale. While searching for ways to connect with her dead mother, Casey finds a magical book that can help bring her back to life.

When a sports-obsessed girl accidentally acquires a shopping-loving fashion doll named Eve, the two don’t get along. If the audience is not in awe of the sweet bond created by the ladies, they will be in awe of Eve’s performance of “Be a Star” at the end of the film.

‘M3GAN’ (2023)

A robot that uses artificial intelligence to bring a doll to life for kids… what could go wrong? Apparently, a lot. What should be a child’s dream friend turns into a nightmare.

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Gemma, the inventor of the doll, wants to help her recently orphaned niece cope with the grief of losing her loving parents. M3GAN takes being Cady’s protector very seriously and will do anything to protect her. Hopefully, everyone will survive the process when the film premieres.

“Toy Story” (1995)

Like the M3GAN, Andy’s toys will do anything for their owner. In the lightest Toy story toys reveal what happens in people’s absence. As Woody and his friends encounter a new birthday present, it’s clear that the toys are feeling a little threatened.

Buzz Lightyear has more gadgets than a Swiss Army knife. Finally, everyone works together to take the big step. Bo Peep (and his sheep), Mr. Potato Head, Ham, Rex and Slinky join the cowboy and space hero dolls on their adventures. Proving that the childhood toys are still in it, three more stories were made about Woody and the gang.

“Child’s Play” (1988)

On the run from the Chicago police, Charles Lee Ray transfers his soul into a talking doll and his fear into the minds of audiences around the world. When a young boy asks for an expensive Good Guy doll for his birthday, Andy’s mother feels happy when she finds one that she can afford.

We soon realized that the price cut was not worth it. Andy is constantly blamed for the doll’s murders, and those around him wonder why they would blame an inanimate object. Those who believe in him are able to put an end to it when Chucky tries to destroy Andy’s life by inhabiting the boy’s body again. Child’s play It was remade in 2019 with Aubrey Plaza playing the timid and devoted mother.

Ugly Dolls (2019)

Hidden deep within a toy factory, deformed dolls called Uglies are hidden from the rest of the world. The mayor hastily talks to the main characters UglyDolls that there is no other way of life. Moxy is sure there is more beyond Uglyville.

After finding the Institute of Excellence, the Ugly must prove their worth by training for the Gauntlet. One day being loved by a child of the Great World is their only hope. With the help of one of the Flawless Perfect Beauties, Moxy and her friends realize their worth. Using bright colors and catchy tunes, the film reminds viewers to embrace the unique qualities of ourselves and others.

“The Boy” (2016)

If anyone wants to be dark and unable to sleep well for a while, check it out Boy can do the trick. Greta is up for more than she bargained for when she works as a nanny abroad. When she meets her parents, they inform her that she will be looking after their son, Brahms.

Greta thinks the concert will be a breeze because the couple’s son is, as you know, a life-size doll. Like any good horror movie, strange things start to happen. Greta and a new friend work together to figure things out, but in the end, they struggle to survive.

“Coraline” (2009)

What comes up immediately when you google this movie? People everywhere are interested Coraline for children or adults. This quirky and creative stop-motion film really seems to be for all ages. It tells the story of a lonely girl whose family moves to Ashland, Oregon.

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While her business parents are at work, Coraline explores her new home at the Pink Palace Apartments. A new friend gives Coraline her grandmother’s rag doll with button eyes. After the doll points to a door to a parallel universe, Coraline is intrigued. His experience helps him appreciate the life he lives in this world.

“I Saw” (2004)

Image via Lionsgate Films

Here are nine movies that are prime examples of the popularity of horror movies featuring dolls i saw franchise. John “Jigsaw” Kramer doesn’t just want to kill his victims. He wants to torture them alive.

Jigsaw, the most terrifying of the puppets, is used to communicate with the captives. Whether the character appears in person or on screen, his cues are terrifying. The messages may come from the controller, but the doll has an electronic hiss. The strange sound is enough to scare the puppet almost as much as the person controlling it.

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