Where were we at the end of season 1?

Created by Sarah Lampert. Ginny & Georgia It was one of the event series of 2021 netflix. The story follows Georgia (Brianne Howey), a young thirty-year-old mother and her two children, Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Austin (Diesel La Torraja), who move to Wellsbury, Massachusetts after the death of her wealthy husband and stepfather. , Kenny. Now a widow, Georgia takes an interest in the town’s charismatic mayor, Paul Randolph (Scott Porter), and soon takes a position with him. As for 15-year-old Ginny, she discovers the good and bad sides of adolescence. As she settles into her new school, she finds herself in a love triangle. In parallel with her love affair with Hunter, the young girl discovers an attraction to her new friend Max’s twin brother Marcus. After breaking viewership records, Netflix quickly renewed the series for a second season, which will premiere on Thursday, January 5. But before you discover the new episodes, Télé-Loisirs offers you a short summary of season 1, just to refresh your memory before discovering the rest. Ginny & Georgia.

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Ginny and Austin run away

The first season Ginny & Georgia ended with a big cliffhanger. Georgia eventually received the probate money after digging up her ex-husband Kenny’s body to prevent further investigation into his sudden death. It is later revealed that Georgia killed Kenny for sexually assaulting Ginny. A painful event reflecting his past. But detective Gabriel Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr.), hired by Kenny’s ex-wife, informs Ginny about her mother’s crimes. The latter is tired of the lies and stories, especially upset when he learns that his mother never sent a letter to his father, Zion. Crazy with rage, Ginny decides to steal Marcus’ motorcycle on a whim and leave town with her younger brother, Austin.

The end of the love triangle

If Ginny succumbs to Hunter’s charms, the teenager finally realizes that she has true feelings for Marcus. The young girl, however, fears that her feelings could tear her group apart. Recall that Ginny quickly befriended her neighbor Max, who accepted her into his gang with Abby and Norah. At the end of the season, the foursome break up when Max discovers that Ginny has been sleeping with her twin brother, Marcus, and has been hiding it from him. After that, she learns that her other best friend, Abby, has confidence as well. A double betrayal that he cannot forget. At the same time, Marcus seems to regret his past relationship with Ginny, before finally realizing that she has feelings for him too.

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Georgia’s troubled past has been revealed

While Ginny and Austin leave town, Georgia celebrates her fiance Paul Randolph’s re-election. That evening, Georgia confronts Detective Cordova and tells him she lost the battle. Indeed, the latter thought that by obtaining an autopsy on Kenny’s body, he could prove that she had poisoned him. But the latter secretly dug up and burned the body of her ex-husband and suggested to the detective that Kenny’s ashes be included in the fireworks that started during the ceremony. If Georgia is satisfied with this small victory, she still has to worry, because Detective Cordova has discovered that she has been dating Anthony Green, the hotel owner who runs an illegal gambling ring. Ginny married him when he was still a child and used him to gain custody of their daughter. In a flashback, we discover that Georgia crushed pills in his drink before passing out in front of him. Detective Cordova discovers that this famous Anthony Greene is listed as a “missing person”.

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