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Requiem for a massacre

While the First World War has been abundantly covered in the history of art, especially in the history of cinema, books and films about Senegalese fighters are rare. And obviously, it’s always at least interesting discover unknown parts of history in cinema.

Thus, approaching the First World War from the point of view of the Senegalese skirmishers immediately gives Warriors is a very interesting and important historical character. The only angle written here, with apparent concern for originality in relation to language – most of the film’s dialogue is in Fulani. Directed by Matthew Vadepied, the film’s rigor and documentation confirm its historical value and give the whole a nice scale.

A forgotten story

Doubled size Perfect interpretation of Omar Sy, far from the incandescent sincerity and joyous warmth we know so well here. Rougher and more internal than ever, his interpretation shines with its vigilance and humility in the face of history, thus testifying to a subtle sincerity. As its lead actor, Warriors he takes it upon himself to remember very seriously, increasing his gesture with a beautiful purity.

Memory(s) and story(s), the film is fully aware of the role it will play in the wake of all these soldiers who died fighting for a country that was not theirs, and sometimes they even had to fight for it. Such an important role during the strong return of nationalism and political extremism in France.

Mathieu Vadepied and his co-screenwriter Olivier Demangel (november, Black Baron) thus pay deep respect to the Senegalese soldiers who died during the Great War, especially by giving them their rightful place. very nice final sequence of the movie.

Skirmishers: photo by Omar SyVery solemn Omar Sy

bye there

Warriors is immersed again in this story of military victory, but under the brutal prism of oppression carried out by the French state. Witness the journey of Thierno, the hero’s 17-year-old son, who will be deceived by the power and decoration game sold by the French army. WarriorsAlthough co-produced and broadcast by major French film institutions (Gaumont, France TV, Canal+, CNC), he does not spare a look at our beautiful tricolor flaga manipulative and killing machine here.

This uncompromising point of view gives the film, directed by Matthew Vadepied, a stunning rawness. avoiding the weight of a very simple Wikipedia file. The film’s insistence on the graphic violence of war is a good testament to this, giving it (literally) flesh and blood.

Shooters: photo, Omar Sy, Alassane DiongHeroes on the rise?

However, the frank military influence of some of the characters, along with Thierno, characterizes the simple opposition as “beautiful natives conscripted/dangerous French torturers”. The same goes for the character of Lieutenant Chambreau (an intense Jonas Bloquet). completely changes the archetype of the mad virilistic soldier throughout the film to convey a more sensitive and ambiguous reading.

Thus, avoiding any Manichaeism, Mathieu Vadepied presents a film that is more beautiful and relevant because it is based on the intimacy of its characters; especially with Bakary and Thierno’s father-son relationship, parasitized by the balance of power and conflicting authorities between the house and the army. Even the duo of lieutenant and general Shambro, who represent the main characters, reflects this idea in the military architecture itself. In Warriors, the intimate and personal are constantly crushed under the weight of group and institution.

Skirmishers: photo by Jonas BloquetA more complex character than it seems

Little Soldier

Unfortunately, the film’s functional cut and its somewhat wise-cracking shrug make it falter. Between frugal simplicity and academicism that is too didactic. Sometimes the lack of embellishment allows the filmmaker to focus sensitively on his characters and their feelings. But often the historical breadth of the storyline is drowned out by careful mise-en-scene and makes the viewer passive.

whom Warriors Aiming for an intimate journey rather than a fresco of a great warrior, his humanity is more important than his size. It’s a pity that the thickness of the hero played by Omar Sy cut with a sketch characteristic. Moreover, his son is portrayed almost exclusively through the prism of his relationship with the father, drowning out the remaining density of the character.

Shooters: photo, Omar Sy, Alassane DiongA very technically perfect film

Mathieu Vadepied does his best to put the audience on the level of his characters, but in the end he presents a film that is a bit cold and distant. Too bad, like that Warriors benefits’A perfect film photography by Luis Armando Arteagait comes to give substance to the image without falling into the form of aestheticizing the war.

This is equally due to the sensibility of Alexandre Desplat’s signature music, as well as the care given to the sets and costumes. Warriors thus applying very convincing technical artistryonly one sensory touch is needed to complete the experience.

Warriors: poster

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