TikTok now manages to shake the meta giant that wants to stay attractive

And if someone had told you a few years ago, in the heart of the 2010s, that Facebook would feel threatened by another social network, would you have believed them? “Impossible, Facebook is a giant of social networks.” However, for several years, TikTok has introduced itself to the daily life of users to such an extent that all other platforms are inspired by it: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… How Meta is trying to update itself to remain a competitor Are you serious about this new Chinese social network ? The latest update is about the real ones… Come on, let’s explain!

Why does TikTok bother its competitors?

Between its creation in 2016 and its meteoric rise in recent years, TikTok is now more than a popular social media platform with over a billion monthly users. is a source of concern for other social networks.

The main threat created by TikTok is it unique approach to user experience. TikTok is unlike traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter encourages users to create and share short videos.

This type of content is highly engaging and has proven to be effective in attracting a large number of users.

As more people join the platform, it can potentially attract users from other social networks.

The biggest concern of other social networks is that TikTok could become the dominant platform for online communication.

In this case, all other platforms can be suffers significant losses in terms of users and advertising revenue.

TikTok news

Latest Meta Update: Make it easy to generate Reals on Facebook


The goal is, of course Replicate the TikTok sharing format as closely as possiblei.e. short videos (although the Chinese social network now lets its users share videos that are just a few minutes long).

After publishing over 20 pages of reports on the best ways to create real viruses, Meta is running. simplify the creation of a realistic formatfor’encourages its users multiplying what they create and therefore the time they spend on the platform.

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In summary, why is Meta trying to simplify the creation of its reals? for replicate what worked with its main competitor.

news reel-facebook
The real Facebook in the news feed


While the true format has been widely adopted on Instagram, it hasn’t had the same success on Facebook, where users have abandoned the creation of such a format in favor of Instagram or TikTok. Meta then looked for a solution Attract new users to Facebookeven when real numbers are involved.

So how does Meta offer its users to create real numbers on Facebook more easily?

The upgrade offered by the platform is relatively simple and, we must admit, very practical:

  • Now you can make the content published on your account a realitybe it a story, photo or video post.
  • But you can if you want to Import video directly from your device and make it happen in the style of a finger.

Before you go…

Will this new update be enough to restore Facebook to the popularity it was known for a few years ago? Or is TikTok already the most influential social network among social media users? What do you think ? We are waiting for your thoughts in the comments ?

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