THREAT. “France should use shale gas”

Here is his platform: “Assessing the fear scenarios, Emmanuel Macron should have been reassured about the risks of blackouts after the disastrous communication on the ‘reload’ emergency plan. However, if the French are worried about France getting through this winter, they should be worried about next winter, which will be especially difficult than this one. The energy crisis is not behind us. , is ahead.

France and continental Europe are about to run out of energy after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the end of Russian gas purchases. For gas, 100% replenishment of France’s strategic reserves should provide the bulk of normal consumption this winter. But due to the global tension in the gas market and the difficulty of finding new suppliers, it will be very difficult to fill this reserve until next winter. With the US not planning to increase gas production and our difficult relations with the Maghreb countries, will France be able to warm itself after running out of reserves?

What will happen after this ad?

Politicians have undermined France’s energy sovereignty by abandoning our nuclear sector.

The second concern is the lack of electricity. First, about 7% of French electricity comes from gas; we will not benefit from this 7% next winter without replenishment. Further, the lack of expectations and support for our nuclear sector leads to the unavailability of some of our nuclear power plants, reduced by planned maintenance or corrosion problems. Early restarts we are bound to increase the likelihood of new closures in the coming years. So, next year our nuclear fleet will not exist completely. At the same time, restarting the reactors is significantly delayed and some of them may remain unavailable. From the September scenario, which provided 54 gigawatts (61 gigawatts) available on January 1, EDF is now providing only 47 gigawatts on the same date.

What will happen after this ad?

By abandoning our nuclear industry, politicians have undermined France’s energy sovereignty. Our country is now forced to import liquefied natural gas – another name for shale gas – from America and restart coal-fired power plants. All this is to punish our producers who reduce their production without avoiding blackouts, but either by choice (energy prices are too high to be profitable to run the production tools) or by constraint (regulation and load shedding plan).

For economic and environmental reasons, shale gas exploitation should be allowed in France

For economic and environmental reasons, shale gas exploitation should be allowed in France. Such a choice would be rational. In terms of CO2 emissions, French shale gas will replace coal and imported shale gas. Thus, in the first case, we would replace power emitting 1,058 g CO2e/kWh with gas-fired power plants emitting 440 gCO2e/kWh; in the second case, we avoid emissions related to the transportation of imports.

What will happen after this ad?

What will happen after this ad?

From an economic point of view, this would allow France to use the resource in its own land, instead of importing the same energy at a high cost, while supplying the needs of its own business. Exploitation of the Southeast fields would allow us to produce 170% of our gas demand in the same period for thirty years. Along with exiting the European electricity market, this option would allow France to restore energy sovereignty and electricity prices in line with operating costs.

Currently in a desperate situation, France must overcome the taboo of exploiting shale gas to regain control of its destiny in the face of an energy crisis. These brave decisions must be made today so that we can face a new winter next year, which will be even more difficult than the one we just had. »

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