Social Media Achievements of the Biggest Influencers of 2022

social media. This end of the year was marked by major events carried out by content creators. Most of these meetings took place on the Twitch social network. You can’t miss the France-Spain match hosted by Amine or the Grand Prix Explorer organized by Squeezie. Both races achieved record views on the platform. These exploits placed France in the first 1 in the world.

Other projects are still to come, we can’t wait to see what happens and share them with you. Meanwhile, vHere are examples of exploits that influencers should not forget in 2022.

What happened to social media in 2022?

At the end of January, videographer Inoxtag organized a live tournament around the game Clash Royale. The event was watched by his community on his YouTube channel.

To liven up the evening, Inoxtag invited seven more broadcasters to compete in the game mode. The biggest content creators specializing in video games participated: Nikof, Michou, Domingo, Lebouseuh, Gotaga, Valouzz and Billy.

Head-to-head, streamers took turns competing in Clash Royale for 3 hours. Prize money worth €20,000 at the end of the day. The people who were there were also able to win many gifts. And with these great headlines and prizes to be won, the public was in great numbers to watch the special night. “At the end of January, talented YouTuber Inoxtag on Webedia set an all-time viewership record of 221,049 concurrent viewers on Clash Royale during a live YouTube. In total, more than 3.8 million views were collected on this 4-hour live broadcast,” Webedia reports. “An unprecedented feat,” according to the company.

On November 19th, at the Jean-Bouin Stadium in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, AmineMaTue organized a football match between several French netizens and the Spanish called “Eleven All Stars”.

21 French players faced 20 Spaniards. On the French side, it was possible to find Michou, Inoxtag, Domingo or even Carlito surrounded by esports professionals. All the seats were sold out to come and watch their bravery, that is, 20,000 people participated in the competition. The whole thing was streamed live on Amy’s Twitch channel and YouTube account. More than 900,000 broadcasters joined the show as soon as it launched. It didn’t take long to reach one million subscribers and surpass the previous record on the streaming platform.

Faced with such success, videographer Amine decided to organize a rematch with the Spaniards. It is possible that another meeting against another country will take place soon.

Squeezie streamed his first Formula 4 race live on Twitch with 21 other internet personalities. During the day, about 40,000 spectators gathered at the circuit to watch this extraordinary tournament in person. During one year, 22 pilots trained with their teams French Motor Sports Federation (FFSA).

What we will remember are these impressive numbers, starting with the number of concurrent viewers. By morning, more than 100,000 people had registered for the live stream. By mid-day, more than 600,000 people had joined. Then, at 17:00 during the competition, the meter exploded: more than 1.03 million people watched the tournament simultaneously on Twitch.

A first in France but also in the whole world. Foreign content creators like Jake Lucky can’t believe it. He shared his surprise on Twitter. A few days later, Amine and his soccer tournament fared even better.

  • Crankshaft at the World Auto Show

Since 2017, Pierre Chabrier and Sylvain Lévy have been making videos on YouTube. They have developed a very special bond with their community. So if they are looking for financing to remodel their Fiat Multipla in September 2020, many people are trying to help them. The duo needs 50,000 euros to complete the project. To get them, Vilebrequin opens the KissKissBankBank page. And there is madness. Videographers collect the required amount in less than two hours. In total, more than one million euros have been invested in their project. Something that will give them great ideas!

Two YouTubers took over a 500 m2 stand for the Paris Motor Show. What to do? We present their famous creation, 1000tipla. This is the Fiat Multipla, which has been redesigned to produce 1,000 horsepower.

  • Crowd of people in front of Lena Situations and Mahfouf Hotel

In the summer of 2022, the content creator decided to introduce his brand “Hotel Mahfouf”, referring to his August vlogs and this place where his friends feel welcome and feel good, his apartment. ” We are a brand of clothing and lifestyle objects to dress you and your home,” said Léna Situations on Instagram.

On August 2, Lena opened her first concept store, Hôtel Mahfouf, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Comprised of two floors, visitors could find both the restaurant and the first collection of the content creator’s brand. More than 700 people gathered for the opening, some from 8 am.

“Welcome to your new concept store, welcome to the safe place, welcome to Hotel Mahfouf. »

Over two days, dozens of broadcasters hosted nearly fifty hours of live broadcasts to raise funds for the charities.

Last year, ZEvent managed to raise more than 10 million euros for Action Against Hunger. If the organizers point out that the goal is not always to do more, but to get a nice sum at the end, we can’t help but want to see this cat grow. In 2022, the milestones were reached less quickly than last year, but the amount collected is higher.

To increase this number, the ZEvent team did not hesitate to increase the jackpot by promoting the purchase of T-shirts. This technique worked because it was possible to exceed 5 million euros. ZEvent 2022 brought in more than 10.1 million euros, which is several hundred euros more than last year. This amount was divided into five for the partner associations.

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