Paragon ID: Paragon ID strengthens real-time geolocation technologies with acquisition of assets of France’s Uwinloc – 01/04/2023, 18:00

  • 23 patents, including “tech bricks” to harvest radio frequency energy that allow tags (tags) to operate without batteries

  • The MahVis solution is dedicated to accurate geolocation of material being transported by forklift

  • Implementation of real-time geolocation solutions is already effective in thirty large industrial accounts

Paragon ID (Euronext Paris – FR0013318813 – PID)

e-ID, the European leader in identification solutions dedicated to the Transport and Smart Cities, Tracking and Brand Protection and Payment markets, announces the acquisition of the business and assets of Uwinloc, a French supplier of battery-free tag-based tracking solutions. radio energy collection.

Based in Toulouse, France, Uwinloc was founded in 2015 to provide IoT technology.

The Internet of Things

– Internet of Things) is capable of digitizing and simplifying the management of equipment and inventory in warehouses and indoor/outdoor storage areas.

Incubated within Airbus Bizlab, Uwinloc has filed 23 patents since its inception. The company, which has won multiple innovation awards, is a pioneer in radio energy harvesting and storage technology that enables tags (


) working without batteries and with a reduced infrastructure, a real revolution in tracking. Specifically, it turns


Based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB), it is cheaper in terms of deployment and offers the ability to control a larger number of equipment (materials, tools, manufactured parts, boxes, etc.) while limiting inventory costs.

With more than 30 customers and a presence in five countries (including a subsidiary in the US), Uwinloc has developed MahVis, a real-time geolocation solution in boxes mounted on forklifts, in collaboration with key industry groups. the need for stable infrastructure.

The goal: to reduce the costs of implementing and using real-time tracking technologies

Paragon ID Launches RTLS Business (

Real-time positioning systems

– real-time positioning systems) in 2018 with the acquisition of RFID Discovery in the United Kingdom to provide real-time tracking of equipment in industrial and medical environments, particularly in more than 100 hospitals, as well as in many industrial and medical facilities. logistics companies in both the UK and France.

The acquisition of French startup Apitrak in May 2021 accelerated the development of RTLS solutions in the cloud and facilitated the international development of a multi-technology platform in SaaS mode (

Software as a Service

), for industrial companies as well as the medical sector.

The acquisition of Tracktio in July 2022 allowed Paragon ID to expand its solutions to other technologies such as GPS, LoRa, UWB, Quuppa and optical identification and strengthen its offering thanks to the software platform (SaaS) TrackSphere.


to the industrial, mining and logistics sectors.

With this new acquisition, Paragon ID continues to expand its industry offering with a battery-free RTLS system: a more environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative without sacrificing accuracy.

Thus, the MahVis system perfectly complements the existing offer for the industrial sector. The goal is to integrate the MahVis solution into the TrackSphere software


: a complete geolocation platform capable of integrating all technologies currently available on the market and providing the most suitable solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Paragon ID Managing Director Clem Garvey says:

“The acquisition of Uwinloc’s assets is an opportunity to expand our real-time equipment location offering with revolutionary patented technology. The teams at RFID Discovery are looking forward to delivering tag-based real-time location solutions that are completely battery-free. This will prevent the deployment and expansion of flow digitization systems. cost containment that can make these solutions more sustainable.

About Paragon ID

Paragon ID is a champion of identification solutions dedicated to the e-ID, Transportation and Smart Cities, Tracking and Brand Protection and Payment markets. Paragon ID employs approximately 650 people and has manufacturing facilities close to its customers in the US and Europe.

Listed on Euronext Paris (Euronext Paris – Name: Paragon ID – ISIN code: FR0013318813 – Mnemonic code: PID), Paragon ID’s reference shareholder is Paragon Group, a leading provider of commercial communication, identification solutions and graphics services. Paragon Group has achieved a turnover of 1.5 billion euros and has more than 9,000 employees. Paragon Group combines years of experience with the latest innovations in technology and smart data to ensure fast and relevant interactions between organizations and their customers. More information:

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