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Arc’teryx returns to the big screen this winter with ski and snowboard screenings in Paris on January 17th. L’Arc’teryx Films: On Tour is a unique opportunity to intensely live adventure stories in the mountains, on skis or snowboards, and to discover extraordinary personal experiences from the cold.

After Stockholm and Munich last November, Skieur Mag is a partner of the Paris stage. Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at the Max Linder Panorama, doors open at 7 p.m. On this occasion, Skieur is giving you a 5-pack of 2 places to attend this great evening.

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eclectic selection forArc’teryx Films: On Tour in Paris

With eclectic stories and breathtaking scenery, Arc’teryx Films: On Tour takes us on an epic journey. Run and fill with inspiration in the worlds of the biggest names in skiing and snowboarding! They share their exploits with us, giving us insight into their faithful experiences and moments that made lifelong friendships.


the movie @maudebesse (will attend Paris)
Swiss freeski athlete Maude Besse’s secret to reconnecting with and respecting the world around her more? Spend more time in the mountains, in the snow.
Bridging the gap between the simplicity of the past, when we lived in harmony with our environment, and the frenetic pace of today’s society, La Forêt explores solutions to better understand and deepen our relationship with the places we love.

Good Medicine

a movie with @Stinius Skjøtskift, @maudebesse, @edgar_cheylus, @silvia.moser, @Stian Hagen and @loic Isliker
Take a trip with friends (old and new) along the remote fjords of northwest Norway. From surfing on icy waters to freeriding on high peaks, this journey between challenges and success will force these athletes to question who they are and how they will take advantage of this moment.

Balkan Express

a movie @MaxKroneck and @JochenMesle
Alpinists Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle travel from Munich to Thessaloniki by train and then back – more than 2,500 km by bike and ski.
A documentary about the incredible journey of climbers Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle. Traveling only by bicycle and skis, the duo travels over 2,500 km across the Balkans at 10 degrees latitude, exploring the most remote mountain regions of Europe to discover the most beautiful slopes and the populations they encounter on skis. .

Unfinished business

a movie with @Greg Hill (mountaineer)
Greg Hill is not used to failure. But for 20 years, he dreamed of climbing and descending the 20 summits of the famous Traversée des Spearhead on skis in one day, when his career as a ski tourer began. At 47, after three failed attempts and recent health issues, Greg may not be as fast as he used to be, but he’s still just as determined. Will this be enough?


Special people you’ve probably never heard of, ‘sunbirds’ eagerly await the arrival of winter with long nights and clear days. From the rocky promontory of the Chic-Choc Mountains to the pristine snow of the Gaspé Coast, this cinematic ode to winter reflects the importance of preserving nature and reassessing the role we play here.

skiers Edgar Cheylus (FR), Max Kroneck (AL) and Maude Besse Arc’teryx team (CH), all the heroes of these films will also come to meet the Parisian public. An evening full of surprises with Arc’teryx equipment and stars in your eyes! All proceeds will be donated to protect our Winter France.

“It’s a real pleasure to share the stories and personalities of the Arc’teryx team skiers and snowboarders on the big screen, especially since some of them will be on stage. Big turns, powder, all kinds of adventures, but also creative biases that will please everyone is our love of winter that we want to share with this tour. Some of these exhibited films were recently awarded “Creative Excellence” at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival, such as “Balkan Express”, best film “Snow Sports” or “Theory of Creation” »
announced Tanguy VerchereEMEA Athlete Team Specialist at Arc’teryx.

ARC’TERYX FILMS: On Tour (PARIS): practical information

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*** All proceeds are donated to @Protect Our Winters, with each stage dedicated to a local branch of the organization.

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