Netflix has announced the 10 most watched movies and series of 2022

Netflix has just lifted the curtain on the ranking of the most popular movies and series of the past year. In 2022, several long-awaited series returned, while new shows met with monster success.

Netflix went all out in 2022 to attract new subscribers. The streaming leader has launched a slew of new exclusive content. The platform picked up speed significantly over the summer, adding 1,026 series of episodes in three months. This is a record.

Thanks to this strategy, Netflix was able to resume the growth of its subscriber base. The streaming service gained more than two million customers in the third quarter of 2022, erasing losses from the beginning of the year. Since 2022 has just ended, Netflix has been released a retrospective of films and TV series The one with the most success between January 1 and December 18, 2022.

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The most popular series on Netflix in 2022

As for English-language series, several cult programs have returned. At the top of the list is the 4th season Stranger Things. After the delay accumulated during the health crisis, this penultimate season became undesirable. Indeed, season 3 came out in July 2019. We should also celebrate his return Bridgerton. Shonda Rhimes’ series was a huge hit when it aired on Christmas 2020.

  1. Strange things 4
  2. Wednesday: Season 1
  3. Dahmer
  4. Bridgerton: Season 2
  5. Anna invented
  6. Ozark: Season 4
  7. Watchman: Season 1
  8. The Sandman: Season 1
  9. The Umbrella Academy: Season 3
  10. Virgin River: Season 4

Several new productions stand out in the rating. This is the case Wednesday, Tim Burton’s comic-gothic series devoted to The Addams Family. The production aroused great enthusiasm especially on social networks thanks to the dance scene. No wonder the series Dahmer, dedicated to the serial killer of the same name, finds itself in third place. The continuation of the anthology series has been announced. He must watch out for John Wayne Gacy, the killer clown.

Netflix also published a rating non-english series, these are becoming more and more common in the catalog. South Korean and Spanish production take the lion’s share:

  1. We are all Dead (South Korea)
  2. Advocate Extraordinary Woo (South Korea)
  3. In One Shot (Spain)
  4. Until money do us part (Colombia)
  5. Elite – Season 5 (Spain)
  6. Under the bucket (Mexico)
  7. Emperor (Austria)
  8. Business Proposal (South Korea)
  9. interviews (Spain)
  10. Welcome to Eden (Spain)

The most popular movies of the year

As for feature films, it takes first place The gray man. Director: Russo Brothers (Avengers, welcome to Collinwood), this action film stars Ryan Gosling as a former CIA agent battling a sociopathic killer played by Chris Evans. Action movies are usually popular on Netflix. Images from last year Tyler RakeIt met with great success with Chris Hemsworth.

  1. The gray man
  2. Adam Project
  3. Purple hearts
  4. Rush
  5. The Tinder Cheater
  6. Sea Monster
  7. Enola Holmes 2
  8. Big year
  9. The man from Toronto
  10. Day shift

Again, Netflix is ​​also streaming Top 10 non-English productions. It should be noted that Spain and South Korea were less represented in the rating of the series. On the other hand, Scandinavian countries including Norway, Sweden and Denmark are highlighted.

  1. Troll (Norway)
  2. Nothing is new in the West (Germany)
  3. Black Crab (Sweden)
  4. From my window (Spain)
  5. Far from Periph (France)
  6. love between adults (Denmark)
  7. Carter (South Korea)
  8. Il mio nome è Vendetta (Italy)
  9. Tirelessly (France)
  10. Furious (Poland)

Netflix states in its press release that it compiles the ratings based on its own calculation method. It is considered a streaming giant viewing hours the total recorded by the program within 28 days of release in the catalog. This approach favors longer production.

Before November 2021, Netflix relied on another measurement technique whose logic is even more questionable. The firm was based on the first two minutes of viewing. Obviously, a subscriber only had to watch the first scene for Netflix to count as a full view.



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