January 2023 movie, series and documentary releases

Canal+ has released its new release schedule for January 2023, and we hope you’re ready! after Villainous Heroes, Top Gun Maverick, All in phase 2 or Les Touches 4 Launched in December 2022, the streaming platform plans to surprise you. Canal+ subscribers, for example, will be able to watch or re-watch films that have proven themselves in cinemas. Doctor Strange is in a multiverse of madnessTenor, Decision to Leave or Segpas ! On the night of January 10-11, 2022, you will be able to participate live and only on Canal+ 80th Golden Globe Awards, and Gad Elmaleh’s new one-man show titled in additionwill also be in the catalog from January 20.

Canal+ series for January 2023

Bloodlands 2 (from 09/01): Northern Ireland. The murder of an accountant baffles the police. The first clues lead them to the trail of a terrible crime. Then it is a crime of passion aroused. By linking the murder weapon to Goliath, investigators realize that the stakes are completely different. But Goliath was caught, how can he have a hand in this murder?

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baby monitor (from 13/01): audio fiction created by Mother Girardot For CANAL+, with Ana Girardot, Felix Moati, Lyna Khoudri, Hypolite Girardot, Niseema Theillaud, Cédric Klapisch. Newly installed in a house in the village with her husband and 6-month-old son, Agathe discovers the children’s room, until then condemned behind a partition. Nothing has changed since the 1990s, even the old baby monitor in the drawer still works. Inspired by her husband’s enthusiasm, the young fusional mother, ignoring a small noise, agrees to install her son there at the cost of hanging on the device. But when strange fumes arrive to sow doubt and confusion in Agathe’s mind, she will have to figure something out between her new surroundings, her hidden fatigue, and her mother’s anxiety…

The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up (from 23/01): Xavier Dolan’s first series. In the early 1990s, Mireille, her brother Julien and their best friend Laurier formed an inseparable trio. The boys just won the state championship in baseball, and Mireille dreams of lighting up the boards. Who knows what the future holds for them? But one night in October 1991, a terrible event changed their fate forever and they parted ways. Both families are broken. Nothing will ever be the same again. Thirty years later, after becoming a thanatologist, Mireille returns to her family at her mother’s request and finds her siblings whom she hasn’t seen in decades. Soon, secrets and resentments intertwined with mourning resurface, an irresistible quest for reconciliation and truth.

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Movies of January 2023 on Canal+

The decision to leave (from 02/01): This thriller is about Hae-Joon, a seasoned detective specially assigned to investigate the suspicious death of a man on top of a mountain. He soon becomes suspicious of the deceased’s wife, Sore, but is troubled by her charms.

Tenor (from 03/01)

champagne (from 06/01)

comrades (06/01)

Men are on the verge of a nervous breakdown (from 08/01)

Clothes (from 09/01)

Duke (from 10/01)

Firefighter (from 12/01)

Doctor Strange is in a multiverse of madness (from 01/13): Dr. Stephen Strange continues his research on the Time Stone. However, an old friend-turned-foe seeks to destroy all wizards on Earth, and Strange foils his plan.

Brave Hearts (from 01/13)

Segpas (from 01/15): SEGPA students are expelled from their schools. Much to their surprise, they join the prestigious Franklin D. Roosevelt College. Unwilling to see his school’s reputation tarnished, the principal devises a scheme to fire the new students while keeping the assistants. As they enjoy their new lives, make friends and become increasingly popular, the teenagers discover the Director’s project.

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Free movement (from 16/01)

Young lovers (from 01/17)

Passengers of the night (from 20/01)

Brother (from 21/01)

between the waves (from 01/23)

to cut (from 24/01)

Back in Bamako (from 25/01)

Peter von Kant (from 26/01)

Transition (from 27/01)

Documentaries and programs of January 2023 to discover on Canal+

Origins of Hip Hop (from 02/01): Every episode of the series Origins of Hip Hop Dive into the inspiring story of one of hip-hop’s iconic stars, including veteran Busta Rhymes, rapper and actress Eve, one of the first Latin superstars of the genre, Fat Joe, pioneer DJ Grandmaster Flash, cultural icon Ice-T.

Mr. George (from 01/15): Not only did George Eddy revolutionize sports commentary and inspire millions of famous and anonymous viewers: he also crossed the ages, leaving his mark on CANAL+ and basketball. As his retirement approaches, this colorful, inimitable character, the symbol of CANAL+, deserves to explain his extraordinary career and romantic life in a documentary that mixes culture and sport.

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Gabby Petito: murder, lies and social networks (from 01/15): The program shines a new light on the case of Gabby Petito, the young girl who disappeared and was later found dead as a result of her murder, which captivated millions of people around the world and caused a wave of searches on social networks.

Moochie, Jill Halliburton Who Killed Su? (from 01/25): September 2014. Wealthy heiress Su Halliburton, 57, brutally strangles herself in her villa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Police have no leads other than a DNA trace that identifies Dayonte Resiles, nicknamed Moochie, a 20-year-old black man. Despite the fragility of the case and the disbelief of the black community, Dayonte is in prison and the prosecutor is seeking the death penalty.

Entertainment expected in January 2023 on Canal+

symphonic hip hop (from 11/01): For the second edition of this event, the big names of French hip-hop were arranged and re-orchestrated by Issam Krimi and Camille Pepin, and the orchestras were accompanied by Philharmonic Radio France and Ice Cream. The program with the exceptional participation of Soprano, Fianso, Zeguerre, Chilla, Bianca Costa, Davinhor, Le Juiice, Vicky R, Gazo, Kalash, Fresh and Berywam, Jean-Pascal Zadi.

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Gad Elmaleh in addition (from 01/20): “Sans tambour” and “Oh my Gad!” performed in English in more than 15 countries. Seven years after his international tour with Gad Elmaleh returns with an unprecedented one-man show. A sincere and cheerful show! For almost two years, the comedian has been touring France with this sixth show, which combines stand-up and characters. “free of will to be happy”. Unfiltered and eagerly awaited return by the public.

Josephine Baker, the musical (from 01/18)

You can find the programs in full on the Canal+ website

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