Did you like the bottle onion? Here are the 12 craziest mystery movies in the history of cinema

Rian Johnson still made us crazy in his latest movie starring Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc. After its superior and surprising In disputesThe director who rebooted the genre of puzzle and mystery films offers a delicious sequel that further criticizes the current world, especially the world of influencers and other tech moguls.

To continue in this spirit, we have selected twelve films where the story and the direction lead us from suspect to suspect, rewriting the vortex of false reasons and labyrinth of thoughts in each scene. Perfect mental gymnastics is very suitable between holidays and is a real liquid pleasure of pictures and dialogues. Let’s go !

Sheila’s lastby Herbert Ross (1973)

Definitely the closest to the Rian Johnson movies, with plenty of irony, social criticism and trappings. Sheila dies in a car accident at a party in Hollywood. A year later, his widow invites the six Hollywood personalities present tonight on her yacht to participate in a game that will be the subject of her next film.

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This feature film is very sophisticated, set in the 1970s and signed by Herbert Ross, a friend of screenwriter Neil Simon. Goodbye Girl Where Sunshine Boys. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s very satisfying and a little different from the Agatha Christie adaptations. Don’t be fooled by the terrible French name: Dangerous invitations.

Gosford Parkby Robert Altman (2001)

This big ensemble film is one of the great Robert Altman’s last very good works. In the middle of the series Downton Abbey (whose plot should have been a sequel to this movie) and a giant game of Cluedo, Gosford Park In the 1930s, he is interested in the workings of an old English aristocratic building, dealing with the rich on hunting trips as well as with the army of servants involved in organizing daily life.

Of course, the housemaster dies and the film descends into a maze of speculation, criticism of the society of the time, and almost “James Ivoryenne”, all with an impeccable cast. A treat from Principal Altman, five years before his disappearance.

The Skinny Manby WS Van Dyke (1934)

Let’s stay in the 1930s, but this time with the films of the real ancestors of the time Glass onions. In 1933, WS Van Dyke begins a series of six incredible mystery films with Nick and Nora, a couple of amateur detectives who will solve many murders.

First, The Skinny Man (in French: Untraceable), written by Dashiell Hammett, is a real success between the thriller and comic scenes of the irresistible couple of William Powell and Myrna Loy. A tone between humor and death Glass onions but ninety years ago. All the suites are really good, the picture is always great… A good way to spend the winter warm. In the same vein of old mystery movies, we also recommend the wonderful series of Miss Marple feature films that were successful in the 1960s with Margaret Rutherford.

The name of the flowerby Jean-Jacques Annaud (1986)

Now let’s go to France with this film by Jean-Jacques Annaud, based on the writings of Umberto Eco, combining mystery and philosophy. A mixture of criticism of the feudal world of the 14th century and various religious movements, the film is primarily based on an investigation by Sean Connery and his disciple Christian Slater after a series of suspicious deaths of monks in a remote abbey. In the mountains of northern Italy.

It has everything: false leaders, real false villains, a brilliant competition, a learning novel and even an inquisition. A great classic of the genre that goes far beyond the mystery film. It is important.

Crack’d the mirrorby Guy Hamilton (1980)

It is impossible to talk about inspirations Glass onions Not to mention ensemble films based on Agatha Christie’s books, Crime of the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, Crimes of the Sun, their numerous adaptations and remakes, sometimes more or less successful. with Death on the Nile By John Guillermin in 1978, we choose The mirror cracked (in French: The mirror broke).

Since we already have Angela Lansbury in Miss Marple, she proves to us that she is the best investigator possible. Arabesque and who opens his eyes Glass onionsbut also because the film vibrates enough with its old stars in return, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Novak, Rock Hudson or Tony Curtis, a true critic of an aging Hollywood, examining the tinsel cracks.

Fun fact: director Guy Hamilton was a James Bond expert at the time, four to his credit. However, in a scene opposite Liz Taylor, we see a mute Pierce Brosnan in one of his first roles years before he regained his James Bond suit. Here. Watch this movie, less is better, but better.

Cluedoby Jonathan Lynn (1985)

We’re back in style again Glass onionsbut this time for the comedy side, with this Cluedo Very atypical for Jonathan Lynn. Taking the board game concept that Rian Johnson makes several times through the character of Benoit Blanc in his film, Cluedo performed with a masterful hand by Tim Curry as the delicious butler.

All the clichés are then fulfilled for this killer comedy, which offers itself the luxury of three different endings and a final disregard for bad players and board game cheats. The movie is really enjoyable In disputes and Glass onionsand the characters and dialogues that are drawn towards the theater are in a dizzying rhythm: a real beautiful lucky bet.

In the same genre, we recommend a small pastiche of the mystery film Murder by death, Robert Moore (1976), in which the period’s (pseudo) detectives meet at a table to investigate the cream of the crop together. Peter Falk is great there. Private Eyes, by Lang Elliott (1980), where two (fake) Holmes and Watson take over a somewhat haunted mansion to investigate the death of its owners, is also a great film. In detective comedy mode, we can also celebrate Trouble with Harry, boss Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred is always more into suspense and thrillers than puzzles, but he definitely had to be quoted in this article. He’s the boss, that’s all.

World laughter dayby Fred Walton (1986)

After black comedy and pastiche, the other branch of the mystery film is the more gruesome part. Indeed, the Scream and Saw series are veritable nests of puzzles, false suspects and endless clues. The film in this category is the closest to the universe Glass onions rest World laughter day (in French: terrorist weekend).

The 1986 film, directed by Fred Walton, depicts a birthday party at an isolated island home. It’s April 1st and for her birthday, Muffy has prepared some pranks for her invited friends. Some are just schoolboys and some are scary. There, too, people begin to die one after another in a more or less dirty way. It’s very 1980s, fun and sometimes scary, and the puzzles are fun: very cool ancestry Screaming more forgotten. To review.


Adrian Messenger listby John Huston (1963)

There we touch the purest spy movie with an incredible mystery: Adrian Messenger gives his friend Anthony Gethryn, a former British secret service, a mysterious list of names. Shortly after, he dies in a very suspicious plane crash.

In this big ensemble film mastered by the boss John Huston, this list sees the disguises and make-up as incredible, especially George C. Scott and Kirk Douglas, as well as Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, Frank Sinatra… I hated it when the critics came out , but in retrospect, it’s arguably the craziest mystery movie ever invented. A UFO to see again very soon.

SleuthBy Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1972).

There we touch the pure masterpiece of the genre. In Sleuth (in French: The Bloodhound (why?)), everything is an evasion, a lie and a riddle. Based on the play by Anthony Shaffer, the entire film is a huge battle between two of the biggest names in the genre, Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine.

A rich author of British detective novels invites a hairdresser he knows about his relationship with his wife. The author offers him to stage a fake robbery to get the insurance money. The barber accepts, but of course nothing will go as planned. The puzzle hunt begins.

With Joseph L. Mankiewicz directing his latest film, we get one of the craziest feature films in cinema history. In disputes and Glass onions. In the same genre, still avoid the 2007 remake with Michael Caine, less good, but hurry death trap, the fake sequel Sidney Lumet signed in 1982, still with Michael Caine and accompanied by Christopher Reeve, only crowned with success as Superman. The result is almost at the level Sleuth. Nice update.

A witness for the prosecutionby Billy Wilder (1957)

Another type of detective film with drawers, the experimental film. along witha murder investigationthis A witness for the prosecution (in French: A witness for the prosecution) is arguably the greatest filmed maze in history, masterfully constructed by the great Billy Wilder. To our greatest delight, we run from turn to turn with Marlene Dietrich, who cannot be deciphered from beginning to end. The quintessence of a mystery movie.

DOAby Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton (1988)

It’s another nugget completely plucked from the collective unconscious (we can’t blame you, directors Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton are behind the disaster of a film. Super Mario Bros. after a few years). However DOA (in French: Dead on arrival) are all there. Dennis Quaid plays a man on borrowed time who has twenty-four hours to discover the truth about his poisoning. It’s too late to find a cure, but he wants to find the culprit. A remake of the 1950 film noir, this electric version is truly a late 1980’s – early 1990’s video club guilty pleasure.

zero hourby Pascal Thomas (2007)

The French are not to be outdone in the genre of mystery film with a charming ensemble. Look out for neat adaptations of Agatha Christie’s work with Pascal Thomas, André Dussollier/Catherine Frot, including this film. zero hourvery close a In disputes Where Glass onions. We find there actors and actresses like Melville Poupaud, Chiara Mastroianni, Francois Morel or Laura Smet. A beautiful French take on Agatha Christie’s immeasurable work.

In French versions, we can also mention the very good mysteries of Gaston Leroux, adapted by Denis Podalydès, The secret of the yellow room (2003) and The fragrance of the lady in black (2005), very poetic, ethereal and spectral.

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