Climate deniers hijack Elon Musk’s ‘liberated’ Twitter

Who said : The concept of global warming was invented by the Chinese to harm the competitiveness of American companies ? Billionaire Donald Trump on Twitter in 2012. He wasn’t yet the most conspiratorial of US presidents, but to become one, he had already planted some very polluting fake news under Barack Obama’s sneakers…

“Climate skepticism has developed”

The network has gone after some of the most famous climate deniers on the platform, including Trump. But the respite was short-lived. “Twitter” has had a new boss in billionaire Elon Musk for three months. And he swears by freedom of expression, in the radical sense of the term. All skeptics and other intruders who accepted climate change and its effect on fairy tales were reinstated. And they are many. Between 2015 and 2021 Climate skepticism, whether activist or scientific, grew four times faster than pro-climate content , According to research from the London Alan Turing Institute published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

A 2012 tweet by Donald Trump.

American Steven Goddard – also known as Tony Heller – is back on Twitter, where he continues to call out global warming. the biggest scientific fraud in history., Despite the six reports of IPCC experts over three decades. His disinformation enterprise immediately found followers, including Canadian writer Jordan Peterson, who was banned from the network for transphobic slurs and then allowed back in by Team Musk. He recently retweeted a post from Heller and then the term #ClimateScam, climate fraud to 3.5 million followers.

The kind of tweet from America’s Tony Heller that messed up today’s weather and climate.

The keyword came in third for climate-related searches on Twitter on Tuesday, January 3, behind #ClimateAction and #ClimateEmergency. The American press reported on this E&E News covering energy, environmental policy, and climate change (Politico Group), the anti-science term discovered in early November rose to the top in late December. It is especially put forward by Steven Mulloy, a disturbed man whom Trump has placed at the center of the US Environmental Agency, or even by Mark Morano, who maintains a blog dedicated to climate change denial.

A plot based on the Covid model

A regular guest on the conservative channel for the latter FoxNewsworld leaders use climate change, In the Covid-19 model., crushing individual liberties and establishing a global dictatorship. Record concentration of CO2 There will only be methane in the atmosphere, rising sea levels, melting ice in the Arctic claimed to have invented pills forcing Americans to give up their big diesel cars and their daily barbecued ribs.

Twitter’s version of Musk is starting to get seriously worried as catastrophic weather episodes follow one another and leave insurers in the lurch. Social networks act as echo chambers, that is, sounding boards where prejudices are amplified. It is important that regulators continue to look for ways to ensure that content shared online is safe , Andrea Baroncelli, a researcher at City University London, warned last spring. That’s when the head of Tesla and Space X announced his desire to take over Twitter. Once owned, climate-killing posts averaged 40,000 likes.

Scientists have left Twitter

The rise of this conspiracy sphere has another effect: it begins to drive away scientists who are tired of being bullied or bombarded. fake news, Close Twitter accounts. American-Canadian climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, chief scientist of the organization Nature Conservation, Maintains a list of top climate researchers’ Twitter accounts. It has melted 4% after being bought by Elon Musk. Although the activity of robots and trolls has exploded, which should be reduced by paying 8 euros per month for those who choose a paid account, shot from 15 to 30 throughout the month of December., according to the researcher. A fact confirmed by several observers of climate communication.

Will Elon Musk allow the abuse of free speech to jeopardize long-term leaders’ climate action? Maybe not. Because on Tuesday, January 3, shares of Tesla electric cars fell by 8%. Although Tesla will surpass 1,000 billion euros in market capitalization in October 2021, it is a company that competes with automakers and has fewer distractions. And to think he embodies the perfect boss, pampered by his government for creating green jobs…

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