Christmas for animals in Grenoble with mon chien, ma vie association

FOCUS – The association “My dog, my life” takes care of people in great danger and their four-legged companions, this Monday, December 26, 2022, Christmas for animals, 17 rue Abbé-Grégoire in Grenoble. A precious sharing for all opportunity to discover the activities of this structure that supports isolated or homeless people throughout the year accompanied by their animals.

This Monday, December 26, 2022, was a day of celebration for the volunteers, staff and users of the association Mon chien, ma vie, who organized the year-end dinner at 17 rue Abbé-Grégoire in Grenoble. In the courtyard of the building decorated for the occasion, dogs roamed freely, their owners, mostly homeless, took the opportunity to take a short break, chat, drink coffee or eat cakes.

The event, called Animal Christmas, coincided with the association’s weekly office day, which meets people in dire situations to provide care and food for their animals.

Animals welcomed in the yard of rue Abbé-Grégoire 17 were free to roam. © Joël Kermabon – Place Gre’net

We welcome approximately fifteen animals per stay [le lundi, ndlr]From 14:00 to 17:00, to whom we distribute kibblesValerie Metz, co-president of my dog, my life, explains. We also advise owners and register companions to visit the Solivet solidarity vet association.who come once a month. »

My dog, my life welcomed 66 dogs and 16 cats in November alone

How was mon chien, ma vie born? ” In 2017, we got the keys to the Earth after winning the voter’s favor in the ‘major projects’ category in the 2017 participatory budget. “, explains co-chair Isabelle Begud, who co-founded the association with Valerie Metz in the fall of 2019.

Since then, many volunteers take turns throughout the year to ensure collections and permanence. However, ” don’t be afraid of dogs “, warns the impetuous Valerie Metz, always so passionate.

One of the regular users of the place came with two dogs.  © Joël Kermabon - Place Gre'net

A regular user of the place came with his two dogs. © Joël Kermabon – Place Gre’net

So, during November alone, the structure took care of 66 dogs and 16 cats. And this ” despite the lack of kibble and pies for the cats for three weeks “, shows the combination. It is happy to distribute a total of 497 kg of kibble and 12 kg of pasta for dogs and cats in the same month.

“Their animal is their family”

Users of this reception area? “ They are people who go through great hardships, but are very attached to their animals, which helps them keep hope in life. – says Akram Kamchi. Also vague, she benefits from the association’s services for her dog, as well as volunteering to help in the kitchen.

In addition to caring for my dog, the association was able to create a family environment. Also, thanks to a visit to the vet, I was able to find out that my pet has osteoarthritis. “, he testifies.

Sandra Krief, municipal councilor in charge of Animal Welfare.  © Joël Kermabon - Place Gre'net

Sandra Krief, municipal councilor in charge of Animal Welfare. © Joël Kermabon – Place Gre’net

On the occasion of this Animal Christmas, my dog, my life, has invited Sandra Krief, the municipal councilor responsible for the situation of animals in Grenoble, who is also the Iséroise representative of the Animalist Party.

Their animal is their family. And we can see that they are very happy here. No conflict, no argument. Everyone, animals and people come together “, he notes. ” I really intend to help this community because what do his two co-chairs do it’s great “, he assured.

Barking? “Recurring problem for immediate neighbors”

To complete its renovation, the association can count on the unconditional help of Dauphiné SPA. ” What we like about the concept of “My Dog” is that my life goes from animal to humanits president Gerard Lassiaz explains. However, they have many nutritional needs. Whenever we have a lot, we donate it to them throughout the year. This is true solidarity. “For the President” all this is very important because the animals of these people in dangerous conditions are only to give them a taste of life “.

My dog ​​organized an animal Christmas in Grenoble.  Members, volunteers and users of the Mon chien, ma vie association pose at the entrance of the building.  © Joël Kermabon - Place Gre'net

Members, volunteers and users of the Mon chien, ma vie association pose at the entrance of the building. © Joël Kermabon – Place Gre’net

The only problem: the barking and noise of dogs in the yard is not well received by the residents whose windows face the yard. ” True, this is a recurring problem for immediate neighborsParlons-en association coordinator knows Marie. We’ve had a few police interventions due to the disturbance, but unfortunately we can’t do it any other way. Indeed, the city of Grenoble assigned us this place, we consider it more urgent and we do our best. “, he assures.

And it’s not a sin” for organizing neighborhood cafes. They are didn’t take very well Mary is crying. But some people in the neighborhood bring us things to help us “, he specifies.

The association bets on the next participating budget

However, the two co-presidents began to dream of a more comfortable place to welcome more animals, in addition to the addition of educational sessions for dogs. ” We have developed a file for participatory budgeting on the request for a home with a dog play area and human-friendly space.Valerie Metz says. The city passed it and we just have to wait for the final vote in September 2023 “, he specifies.

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