Caravaggio, The Banshees of Inisherin, The Passenger… Movies to see or avoid this week

The brilliant brilliance of the master of Chiaroscuros, a spectacular competition or even reinvention in Ireland in the 1920sEmma Bovary Among fishermen on the Atlantic coast… What should we see this week? Explore movie options Figaro.

Banshees of Inisher – To be rich, to have

Drama by Martin McDonagh, 1h54

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t do anything. But Colm can’t take it anymore. Padraic doesn’t understand. How to draw a line over years of friendship? They went to the pub together every day. All this is over. This wild episode takes place in 1923 on an island off the coast of Ireland. Martin McDonagh draws a tale called Beckett. The reasons for the isolation still remain a mystery. A magnificent breath sweeps through this simple story. Colin Farrell walks his frail figure through these windswept landscapes, among these thatched houses. He is fragile, helpless, his vision is lost. His sudden despair is a bottomless pit. The stubborn, insufferable Brendan Gleeson is like a menhir. It closes like a fist. Blood interrupts this slow descent to the sources of unconsciousness. The director rebuilds the duo Kisses from Brugge . The tone is, you guessed it, completely different. All this has no equivalent in modern cinema. Dare we pronounce the word masterpiece? we will dare. IN

joyland – To be rich, to have

Romantic drama by Saim Sadiq, 2h06

joyland in the character of Haider, the youngest son of a family under the control of a widowed and authoritarian father. Under the same roof live Heydar and his wife Mumtaz, as well as his brother and sister-in-law, parents of several children. Things change when Haider finally gets a job he doesn’t brag about. She is hired as a dancer in a cabaret whose stars are transgender artists. The darkness of Saim Sadiq’s picture is enhanced by beautiful touches of color. joyland never unhappy. However, most transgender people in Pakistan are often forced to beg, dance at weddings, or engage in prostitution. Biba, played by the formidable Alina Khan, passionately embodies this contradiction. ES

by heart – To be rich, to have

Documentary by Benoît Jacquot, 1h16

Avignon Festival 2021, final rehearsals. Isabelle Huppert and Fabrice Luchini allowed to be photographed by Benoît Jacquot. Repeats the first text Cherry orchard he stars in Cour d’honneur, produced by Tiago Rodrigues. It’s about avoiding the fear of text that breeds stage fright. The second gives a reading of Nietzsche and Baudelaire. He works on diction, looks for rhythm, goes out of his way to call upon Jouvet and Bouquet. Two methods for an interesting master class, two actors at work, fighting with words. ES

Caravaggio – To be rich, to have

Biopic by Michele Placido, 1h58

Instead of leaping into a clichéd cloak-and-dagger film with swordsmen’s fights and gritty episodes, Michel Placido tried to recreate the mystical and skinless side of Caravaggio, the star artist of his time, with whimsy and daring. In its candlelight are the feasts of palaces and the silent splendors of churches. To embody the artist, Riccardo Scamarcio was inspired by the possible self-portraits present in the paintings. In the role of friend and main support, Marquise Costanza Colonna, Isabelle Huppert alternates between humane intelligence and sensual charms. We come away with the impression of following the daily life of an old master, sort of rock star period. EB-R.

To live – To be rich, to have

Drama Salmaan Peerzada, 1h42

A gentleman in a striped suit, a bowler hat, a leather briefcase in one hand, and a black umbrella in one hand waits for the train to take him to work every morning. Body-studded dignity, impeccably hunched Bill Nighy perfectly embodies this silent, disciplined and rigid bureaucrat who seems crushed by his own conformity. When this straight-faced character learns that he is suffering from terminal cancer, he suddenly realizes that he is the silent passenger of his existence. After the great melodramas of Douglas Sirk, Oliver Hermanus’ stunningly intimate chronicle is presented as a stripped-down, poignant film, all unspoken and leaving the viewer with a lump in their throat. All interior and sophistication, Bill Nighy explodes the screen. OD

Passenger – You can see

Drama by Héloise Pelloquet, 1 hour 33

Chiara and her husband Antoine live by fishing on an island off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Twenty years of happiness and routine. One day Maxens, a new student arrives (Félix Lefebvre, discovered in Summer 85 by François Ozon). An oboe-playing bourgeois full of charm and confidence. Lifting the cake boxes together, Chiara falls in love with the young man. Cécile de France is very believable as always. Emma Bovary, she has changed a lot. ES

Unicorn wars – You can see

Cartoon by Alberto Vazquez, 1h32

A nation of Groomed Bears has been recruited by the military junta. He now dedicates a brutal war to the unicorns, who are happy under their trees, Vietnam style. It is a manifestation of strong respect Full Metal Jacket and for Orange clockwork . All the coins presented at this summer’s Annecy festival have more slaps and internal organs than love hugs. The hyperviolent tale promotes pacifism with a fistful. CS

Hinterland– You can see

Thriller by Stefan Ruzowitzky, 1:38

In 1920, Austria awoke with great difficulty from the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A soldier returning from captivity investigates the murders of several veterans. A historical thriller that plays with the codes of a fantasy film. Impressive. OD

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