Bakers: help to cope with rising energy prices

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From the 1st yearer In January 2023, the price shield limits gas price increases to 15%. As for electricity, their growth is also limited to 1 to 15%er February 2023. This prevents a 120% increase in energy bills for eligible bakers.

Following Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s announcements on January 4, the tariff shield for the electricity part should remain in force until December 31, 2023. This was to last for gas only until June 30, 2023, the date on which regulated gas tariffs would disappear, because ” It is against the laws of the European Union “.

Which bakeries are suitable?

This help intended for VSEs onlyi.e. companies with fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover of less than two million euros.

There must also be suitable bakers to obtain it electricity meter with capacity less than 36 kVA.

How to get?

To benefit from this assistance, the company must contact the energy supplier.

The electric damper started at 1er January 2023. It protects consumers who have signed the highest contracts with an enhanced single benefit ceiling. It is determined by the indicator available in the invoices and estimates of the companies and applied by the electricity suppliers.

Which companies are eligible?

The electric dumper is designed for bakeries with less than 50 employees (TPE/SME).

These companies should not be eligible for the price shield. They must have them electricity meter with a capacity of more than 36 kVA.

How does an electric damper work?

  • This assistance is calculated on the “energy share”. the average annual price of electricity excluding taxes and routing costs (network tariff or Turpe) of a given contract, i.e. electricity. This “energy share”, Expressed in EUR/MW or EUR/kW, available in the vast majority of contracts and commercial offers.
  • The buffer should reduce the average annual price of the “energy share” to 180 euros/MWh (or 0.18 euros/kWh) for half the volume of electricity consumed. contract 500 euros/MW.
  • The maximum unit price reduction will be €160/MWh (or €0.16/kWh) for total consumption.
  • For a consumer with a unit price of energy share of 350 euros/MW (0.35 euros/kWh), the electric damper covers about 20% of the total electric bill.

How to get?

  • All you have to do to avail this help is to do it send a certificate of conformity for the appliance to the electricity supplier.
  • The subsidy is integrated directly into the company’s electricity bill.
  • The electric damper will remain in effect for one year until December 31, 2023.

Which companies are eligible?

From the 1st yearer January 2023, All bakers (VSE/KOB) compatible with electric damper system. and still considering the benefit of the electricity buffer, those who fulfill the eligibility criteria for the help desk for payment of electricity and gas bills can also apply for assistance.

Therefore, this window is suitable for cooks, including:

  • energy costs are 3% of turnover in 2021 after considering the shock absorber. For example, if a bakery applies for aid for September/October 2022, its energy costs during this period must be more than 3% of its turnover for September/October 2021.
  • After the discount received through the electricity buffer, the electricity bill should increase by more than 50% compared to the average price paid in 2021..

Therefore, it is possible for the bakery. combining these two aidselectric shock absorber and payment assistance meter.

How to get?

Requests for assistance must be made at

Check eligibility for gas and electricity Aid simulator installed on

As it belongs gas billall companies will have access to the same gas bill payment assistance window until December 31, 2023, limited to four million euros, 50 million euros and 150 million euros.

How to accompany?

The site offers a number of services (FAQ, help calculation simulator, step-by-step, document templates, etc.) that allow bakers to learn about the system and find information relevant to their situation.

All companies are provided with a telephone number to answer all questions of a general nature regarding the Gas and Electricity assistance system or the practical procedures for submitting a request for assistance: 0806 000 245 (free service + call price).

For more specific questions, DGFiP offers companies the option “I have another question / I have another request” via a secure messaging service in their professional space. This message should begin with “Help Gas Electric” to allow for quick action.

All companies can benefit from the reduction of the tax on electricity (TICFE) to the European legal minimum.

Bakers can also benefit from the ARENH mechanism (100TWh), which allows them to obtain a large part of their electricity at a fixed price of €42/MWh, rather than the market price. To take advantage of this, the company must contact the energy supplier.

Following Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s announcement on January 4, bakeries, especially VSEs and SMEs, ” they demand the postponement of the payment of taxes and social security contributions to ease cash flow. This event” punctual “is” it is possible at the request of companies “.

These deferrals do not apply to VAT, additional taxes and withholding tax.

Re social contributions, companies can ask Urssaf to delay payment. This may apply to current contributions and rescheduling of the current Covid clearance plan.

Companies in difficulty can be accompanied crisis recovery department consultant. This reception point is located directly in the prefecture. These advisors must also demonstrate raising the vigilance of bakers.

Consult the list of department advisors at the end of the crisis

The counselor of the department for exiting the crisis performs its activities in conditions of complete confidentiality, observing business secrecy and tax secrecy.

According to the statement made by the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire on January 4, bakers with energy contract prices they “exploded”, threatening the survival of their jobs may terminate these contracts free of charge to enter into new contracts more profitable “.

This is an exclusive event and is for bakers only. This will apply anyway “.

Bruno Le Maire announced on January 4 that the energy companies had agreed to the offer payment options for bakers and VSEs/SMEs with cash flow challenges. In detail these can offer spreading the invoices for the first months of the year over several months.

This event will be possible at least until summer Olivia Grégoire, according to the Delegation of the Minister responsible for Small and Medium Enterprises. A progress report should be prepared this summer to assess whether or not the device needs to be extended.

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