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Published on December 30, 2022

From deforestation in the Amazon to sweltering heat in India to Stop Oil Only protests in museums, Novethic invites you to take a look at 2022 through 10 striking photographs.

The world championship held in Qatar is under boycott

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar and its controversies became the main topic of discussion at the end of the year. The boycott, which was characterized by lack of respect for human rights, heavy human casualties and catastrophic environmental impact, involved a large part of Western countries, including France. On November 20, a few days before the first whistle, the French gathered in the Place de la République in Paris to denounce the contest.


Zero Covid policy rejected in China

November was also marked by numerous demonstrations in China to denounce the anti-Covid19 policy. For three years, Beijing has implemented a drastic zero-Covid policy that includes very strict measures for residents, such as the arrest of the smallest case of the coronavirus detected in the city and almost daily PCR testing of the population. The outrage was finally heard and restrictions were eased, leading to an explosion of pollution.

China Beijing zero Covid protests 2022 November Noel Celis AFP

Noel Celis/AFP

“Just Stop the Oil” draws museums

It’s probably one of the images you’ve seen the most on social media: soup dripping onto paintings and activists’ hands taped to walls. On October 14, two environmental activists from the “Just Stop Oil” movement held a protest at the National Gallery in London, demanding an end to the exploitation of hydrocarbons in Great Britain. Actions were also held in other cities such as Potsdam, The Hague and RohI. Bad noise for climate or electroshock in climate emergency?

PHOTO JustStopOil National Gallery7 14102022


Endless lines at gas stations

Endless queues, closed stations, canceled school transport… In October, the French had to face a huge shortage of gasoline, along with rising fuel prices. It is a strike to re-evaluate wages at the oil refineries of TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil.

Lack of gasoline


Deforestation continues relentlessly in the Amazon

No reprieve for Amazon. The condition of the Amazon rainforest has worsened this year. 26% of its territory has been subjected to complete deforestation or advanced degradation. Bad news for the planet’s largest green lung. To whom In Humaitá, Brazil, a large part of the forest burned last September, endangering local people as well as animal species.


Michael DANTAS / AFP

India was hit by scorching heat

With temperatures soaring to 50 degrees, India experienced a severe drought throughout its early summer. The heat wave due to climate change, which threatens the entire human being as well as many sectors including agriculture, has made access to water very difficult with almost empty wells and systematic water cuts.


Prakash SINGH / AFP

Deadly floods hit Pakistan

All cities were flooded, more than 1600 people died. Pakistan has suffered severe floods this summer. Some Pakistanis, who were restricted from leaving their homes in boats or rafts, saw their homes completely destroyed.

Pakistan floods September 2022 FIDA HUSSAINAFP


Record forest fires in Europe

Impressive forest fires in southern France marked the summer of 2022. 50,000 hectares of land were smoked. Despite the mobilization of thousands of firefighters, planes and helicopters, the Gironde threatened the Dune du Pilat alone and lost more than 21,000 hectares. In general, more than 785,000 hectares of forest were burned in the European Union this year, breaking a sad record.

Dune du Pilat megafire Gironde Thibaud Moritz AFP

Thibaud MORITZ / AFP

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine was one of the most talked about topics in 2022. It bogged down after the whirlwind conflict was declared, resulting in the biggest refugee influx into Europe since the end of World War II. thousands of soldiers and civilians. This war exacerbated both the energy crisis and the food crisis, depriving many countries of Africa and Asia of much-needed wheat.

Ukraine war fire ARIS MESSINIS AFP

Aris Messinis / AFP

The first Winter Games depend entirely on artificial snow

Earlier this year, the 2022 Winter Games in China were the first to rely solely on snowballs in a region known for its winter drought. It saw a number of countries boycott the event, including China, which had promised “green” games EUnited States and Great Britain.

Olympic Games

@pixabay / adege

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