Photo of the Federal Council 2023 and let the leaves fly…

Movie watchers Quai d’Orsay One cannot help but think of this when discovering the official photograph of the Federal Council, vintage 2023. The fluttering leaves constantly refer to this delicacy of the great Bertrand Tavernier, who adapted the ironic comic strip to political power in 2013. Thierry Lhermitte portrayed the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, a character of maddened vitality… who would never change a thing. When he entered a room, all the papers flew and collided, as if he wanted to underline the beautiful and empty political energy of the minister.

So here is the picture of the federal government for next year, sought by Alain Berset – who is still the President of the Confederation for next year, with the honor of mastering this project. The star commissioned photographer Mathie Gafsu. The press release states that it was “inspired by 17th-century genre painting and the Düsseldorf school of photography.” A specialized site shows that this school defended the form of objectivity according to the Becher spouses, and some famous photographers abandoned the idea of ​​capturing the exact moment dear to Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Excitement around primus inter pares

An air of the Last Supper can be found around the president-elect in this reconstruction of the working session at the Bernerhof. It should be noted that the person closest to the leader is Viola Amherd, who will become president in 2024. The two newly elected officials, Elisabeth Baume-Schneider last on the right of the picture and Albert Rösti (second left) are almost facing each other.

The chancellor’s statement said that on the table was a “compass, a map of Switzerland and a book containing the Constitution, which will celebrate its 175th anniversary in 2023.” About the flapping leaves, he states that on these leaves “a poem by Charles-Ferdinand Ramos appears” and “discreetly evokes the chaos and world tensions that seem more present today than yesterday.” Therefore, there is no interference of political atmosphere.

Some earlier official pictures

■ Choutchou option in 2022

Last year, an official image showed the college standing on a railway map of the country animated by major national routes. On this geographical chessboard, each member of the Federal Council is located in his region of origin.

It showed the weight of the plateau on the country. The southwest-northeast axis, starting with Guy Parmelin in the Côte vaudois and adjacent to Karin Keller-Sutter in Saint-Gall, provides the vast majority of federal leaders. Viola Amherd, in the mountains of Haut-Valais, and precisely Ignazio Cassis, under the Ticino sun, seem somewhat isolated in this political-rail representation.

■ For 2021, it was a return to the Palace

Two years ago Guy Parmelin applied back to basics. As the year was ravaged by a new virus, the Federal Council issued a photo with a key message: we are entrenched in the venerable federal Bern. College, Federal Palace, seriously. It’s not jazz like it’s 2019. Guy Parmelin commissioned photographer Markus A. Jegerlehner.

The image required the use of a drone and was therefore granted “special permission” by the Chancellor. The main thing is that he has a rather special point of view, which he presents in the Palace of Chambers, the photographer notes: “This unusual perspective should invite us to look at the already familiar subject in a new way.”

Guy Parmelin argued that “in these difficult times it is important for us to take a fresh, unbiased look at things that seem unchangeable to us.”

■ In 2020: jazz club

For the 2020 photo, the seven Wise Men posed behind the scenes of a jazz club, in musical mode, with an instrument at one side, in a position that reinforced many theories.

The formula put forward to conclude the theme due to Simonetta Sommaruga with photographers Annette Boutelier and Yoshiko Kusano was “A well-adjusted basket”.

■ 2019: controversial photo

On the eve of Maurer’s presidency in 2019, the government presented itself in an aesthetic reminiscent of a cartoon. La Linea, with these symbols in silhouettes, the Federal Palace mixing the plain, national cross, and of course the fund – what else? The originality of the pose was that it was performed facing the representatives of the population, while the skull was visible in the image. An interesting mix of closeness to real people and a certain abstraction.

In this regard: In the official photo, the Federal Council takes a picture of the people

There is also this 2019 photo caused controversy, because its implementation was attributed by its sponsor, Ueli Maurer, to apprentice mediators who had to work on the telephone. Professional photographers protest. Their association of Swiss Photojournalists lamented that the 2019 image of the Federal Council “gives the impression that the photograph was taken with a simple click of a smartphone and that the work was not worth the effort”. They emphasized that photography is “an art” that requires real knowledge, equipment, time, creativity and experience.

■ 2018: The roof of the palace jumps in the air

In 2018, the college beat the predictions again, this time with animation. In a fairly classic depiction, each in his own way, the ministers, all in black, presented themselves in front of a fresco of a train coming out of a tunnel, a gondola and a singing tree, with some elements of the country alive. , and even a federal dancing on the roof of the palace. What madness in Bern.

In this thread: In 2018, the Federal Council is coming to life… or almost

■ 2017: pop-rock

Among the recent great vintages, we can mention the 2017 shoot by Doris Leuthard with Bienne photographer Beat Mumenthaler. The black and white pop-ups begin like a cinematic vibe or a rock photograph, with these silhouettes still below, as a humble reminder of the weight of carnality in the face of the superior spirits who are the seven Sages: photo surprised.

■ 2015: Gaston, there’s a phone…

Two years ago, the official image for 2015 also blew the minds of fans of the genre, with this half-animated, half-frozen pose and, above all, this mind-blowing bakelite phone, even with the ministers of the time in the background on the left – or several of them they didn’t know.

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