‘Nothing’s too good for him’, rising pet spending, trend doing business for traders

Small coats, toys, grooming and even massage: dog and cat owners spend more every year for their four-legged friend. A trend that pleases traders betting on the trade of pet services and accessories.

It is a profitable fast growing business. For the well-being of pets, the French are no longer afraid to put their hands in their wallets.

A 2020 study by ProntoPro put the average cost per year for a dog the size of a beagle or cocker spaniel at €1,150. A figure higher than previous years, including veterinary costs, food, as well as grooming and accessories.

Almost every second family in the country has a pet, and some traders have bucked the trend. At the grooming salon in Biguglia, Michele Portella expanded her service offer last year.

A professional, he taught people the basics of massage so that he could offer massages to the dogs he fostered. Today, she massages Cavalier King-Charles Lily. “Look how good he is there, he’s so quiet, he’s a chopinette,” Michele smiled. He kneads the back of the dog who lets himself go.

Soothing music in the background“specialized for dogs”, he assures. “I massage it there to relax it, but there are also massages to improve blood circulation” the groom explains.

Now she completes each of her grooming routines with a massage. “It’s becoming more and more fashionable, but it’s something you can really afford because it’s good for the dog.”assures the masseuse.

Expensive relaxation moment: owners have to pay 50 euros for an hour and a half of grooming, more if the little client is a German shepherd or Labrador. Without the grooming option, a massage for a small dog costs 30 euros.

He fills me with happiness, so nothing is too good for Tao

Allison, Tao’s owner, a young chihuahua

In Ajaccio, you have to spend some time on Rue Fesch in the middle of the afternoon to see dozens of dogs walking by in sweaters or coats. The island’s first high-end dog accessories store also opened here nine years ago.

Lucile Capretti, one of the sales assistants, puts Tao, a 6-month-old Chihuahua, into a down jacket. “It’s a little tight size XS, we’ll try a size up”she tells the dog’s owner, Allison, who comes here very regularly to shop.

At home, Tao has his own dressing room. ” As me ! “, laughs Allison. “He has two or three kinds of harnesses, belts, toys, several coats, but I haven’t bought a sweater yet, I’m waiting for it to be cold in February.”, says the young woman. Purchases that cost several hundred euros, but Allison does not care. “He fills me with happiness, so nothing is good for Tao. »

The store’s shelves are full of unusual items, e.g “dog”, imitation champagne made from apple juice, consumed by animals. A 15 cl bottle is sold at the price of 8 euros.

Even more surprising: you can also buy perfume bottles for your dog. “It was a great Christmas”, assures Lucile Capretti. The seller receives and advises a fairly wealthy client who is attentive to the smallest details. “We like to dress our dog up for outside in the winter, there’s a fashion for it. Customers rarely leave empty-handed, they always find a little something.”he observes. “We could already find clothes in pet stores, but it was a little more simple, we wanted to break from that foundation to make things more aesthetic, more fun to wear.”concludes the saleswoman.

A recipe that works. Today, the pet trade in France is worth 5 billion euros. A reassuring dynamic that reassures producers and traders that they can always count on the love their owners give to these little animals.

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