An Ka Yetaw: Shots from the Bamako Photography Biennale

Parallel to the Bamako meetings, on Saturday, December 17, 2022, at the Bamako Art Gallery, artists Mariam Niaré, Beny Bonzio, Emile Samary Fofana, Djiby Kébé, Rakeem Made It, Ousmane Ly, Diadie Diombana, Abdoulaye Touré. A ceremony celebrating the participation of several personalities and cultural actors. This exhibition is intended as a place of exchange between Malian artists and diaspora representatives, especially from different fields (Photography, cuisine, producers, etc.).

An Ka Yetaw exhibition opened on December 17, 2022 at the Bamako Art Gallery. In total, there were eight of them (Franco-Malians and Malians), mixed at all levels, both in terms of the nature of the work and techniques and disciplines. In addition to the quality of the photographs presented in the artistic landscape and the techniques they demonstrate, 8 artists, single women, stand out more than anything else because of the themes they voice.

According to Mariam Niaré, photography is not only the reproduction of reality, but also the fruit of construction and staging.

According to Mussou Ba, general manager of the Bamako Art Gallery, “An Ka Yetaw” means “what we see” in the local language. The exhibition is an initiative that aims to highlight the ideas of eight young artists, especially Malians. “The exhibition highlights the contribution of young people from the diaspora to the reflection of art in Mali,” said Mussou Ba, general manager of the Bamako Art Gallery.

During this opening, we were interested in Franco Malian artist photographer Beny Ponzio aka Nybe. The photographer works on the question of African identity. Nybé connects African cultures to diaspora cultures through the various connections that exist between cultures.

Her work revolves around diverse series such as documenting African customs and rituals, traditional and modern hairstyles of religious festivals, lifestyle, architecture, African textiles and the art scene. In this collective exhibition, which will end in early January, he presents photos of African barbers, mostly northern and contemporary, marking the change that the barber has known over the years.

Aminata Agaly Yattara



Messages from amateur photographers

The award ceremony of the “Smartphone photo challenge” competition organized by H-Gallery H with sponsor Moov Africa was held on 17 December 2022 at the Xanquissa venue between the Cinquantenaire building and the BOA headquarters at ACI. Purpose The purpose of the Smartphone photo contest is to empower anxious students to put their phones to good use. This is particularly through environmental photography, which is the subject of the first edition and the second edition.

H-Gallery organized the award ceremony of the “Smartphone photo challenge” competition on Saturday, December 17, at Khanguissa. This project is an initiative that H-Gallery intends to organize every quarter among the universities of Bamako. According to Mr. Cheick Oumar Haidara, promoter of H-Gallery, we wanted to promote art in the student environment through the phone. “The first observation was that young people all have smartphones and love to take pictures. So, the idea of ​​organizing this competition comes from the fact that they wanted to combine the promotion of art and smartphones. Today, we are all faced with environmental protection, and we use this competition to observe, awaken a sense of beauty, and all this in the service of a noble cause, the environment.” Mr. Haidara says.

In this second edition, 4 enterprises participated, each with 4 photos described with text. They are Ispric, which won the first prize, Intec Sup, which won the 2nd prize, Sup Management, which won the third prize, and Esiau.

H-Gallery and its partners invite students or universities to meet in three months for the third edition of the Smartphone photo contest.

Aminata Agaly Yattara

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