Miss Guadeloupe won the competition

for 93e This Saturday, December 17th edition of the Miss France pageant near Chateauroux, Miss Guadeloupe, Indira Ampiot, replaced the winner of the 2022 edition, Diane Leir.

Watched by 7.3 million viewers last year, the final, broadcast live on TF1, was placed under the cinema sign, including tables inspired by the big box office success. titanic and Harry Potter. Fifteen finalists were announced during an Oscar-style sequence.

The jury chaired by Francis Huster brought together judo champion Clarisse Agbegnenou, producer Dominic Besnehard and singer Kendji Girak. The singer and humorist Camille Lellouche, who was dropped, was replaced by the actress Bérengère Krief. The finalists were determined by a 50/50 vote of the audience and the jury.

Some rule changes for the 2022 edition

Until now, only women aged 18-24, without children and at least 1.70 meters tall could claim the title of Miss France. But this year, thirty regional misses competed, who were medical, tourism or business students, physiotherapists, make-up artists and nurses between the ages of 18 and 26.

If the minimum size remains, the competition decided to expand the selection criteria this year: now it is open to all women over 18, without age restrictions, including married women, with or without children. A rule that even applies to transgender women, “from the moment the candidate receives the status of female citizen”The new president of the Miss France society, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, determines.

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In June, a transgender candidate, actress Andréa Furet (20), was nominated for Miss Paris, where she was second runner-up. Another innovation: visible tattoos are now allowed. “The changing conditions of competition are only a reflection of today’s society”Agence France-Presse (AFP) – Miss France 2005 and new pageant director Cindy Fabre explains. “Girls without tattoos are rare. We had to adapt to it. » Besides, “You can be a mother and compete. It’s all about organization.”Cindy Fabre believes. “Fathers also have a more invested role than before. We take all this into account. »

90-year-old Geneviève de Fontenay, the emblematic “lady in the hat” of the pageant, opposes the idea of ​​a Miss France mother, considering motherhood after seventeen years as Sylvie Tellier, which does not fit the beauty queen’s schedule. The general director of the competition decided to leave this position “entrepreneurial projects”.

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Easing the criteria has obviously not yet revolutionized the way competition works. If two of the thirty candidates competing on Saturday (Miss Languedoc and Miss Nord – Pas-de-Calais) are to be beaten, none are mothers and the three oldest are only 26 years old (Miss Lorraine, Miss New Caledonia and Miss Picardy). ).

“Osez le Féminisme!” changes to the rules for association spokeswoman Fabienne El-Khoury “it’s just white paint on a moldy wall”. “This is purely a communication strategy. The idea of ​​having an inherently sexist competition on physical aspects that most French women cannot achieve is discriminatory.M. told AFP about thisI Al-Khuri. In 2022, it is time to question the relevance of continuing this rivalry from another age. » Dare Feminism! Bobigny initiated a procedure against the industrial tribunal “discrimination criteria” Miss France contest. The decision is expected to be made on January 6.

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