Weather in the country of Lorient. Cold Saturday, rainy and mild Sunday

Weather in Lorient ( Morbihan), from this Saturday to Thursday, December 17, 2022.


Dawn frost before a cold afternoon morning with sunny, high sails and mid-level cumulus clouds.

Afternoon, the generous winter sun is filaments at a very high altitude.

Very moderate easterly wind during the day to a moderate southeasterly. It is felt in the shade, oscillating between -5° and 0°. From Guidel-Plages to Kerroc: beautiful sea. Min: -2°/-1°; maximum: 3°/4°; (from -3°/-2° to 2°/3° north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Starry sky and cold wind in the evening; 0° to 8pm midnight -2°/-1° (feels like -6°).


Cloudy skies in the morning before the return of intermittent and moderate showers in the morning and afternoon.

In the afternoon, the front across Brittany creates cloudy and gray skies with continuous and fairly heavy rains, even heavy in the early evening.

Moderate southeast wind will blow south during the day (force 4-5, wind speed 50-60 km/h, 60-70 km/h on the coast). From Guidel-Plages to Kerroc’h: south-west 1 and then 2 m. Min: -2°/-1°; max: 11°/12° (from -3°/-2° to 10°/11° north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Rainy, mild and windy in the evening (wind 60-70 km/h, 80 in Groix); 11° from 8pm to midnight.


Disturbances across Brittany produce intermittent showers in the morning and afternoon.

In the afternoon, a less active front will produce mostly cloudy skies with occasional rain.

South wind (force 4-5, occasional 50-60 km/h, 60-70 km/h on the coast) during the day will blow southwest wind (force 5-6, wind speed 65-75 km/h, occasional 75-85 km /hour). coast). Min: 11°/12° Max: 13°/14°; (from 10°/11° to 12°/13° north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Newly recorded rains in the evening and night; 11° from 8pm to midnight.

Tuesday – Thursday

The ocean and gentle current continue to circulate from the center of the Atlantic to Brittany.

On Tuesday, an active front moving over Brittany will produce intermittent and fairly heavy showers in the morning and afternoon, followed by moderate showers during the day. Weak prevailing northwesterly wind. Minimum: 9°/10°, maximum: 12°/13°.

Partly cloudy on Wednesday Partly cloudy, temporarily calm under unsettled skies, clearer on the coast and numerous windy clouds north of Lorient, showers in places. Southwest wind (force 4-5, wind speed 55-65 km/h, on the coast 65-75 km/h). Minimum: 4°/6°; maximum: 10°/11°.

Thursday, a new disturbance with cloudy, gray skies, light and persistent rain. Southwest wind (force 4-5, wind speed 45-55 km/h, onshore 55-65 km/h) Min: 9°/10°, max: 12°/13°.

Fifteen days of cold

Since December 2, the maximum has not risen above 8°. In the first half of December, at 11° above the usual maximum values, the continental flow associated with the descent of arctic polar air caused the mercury to fluctuate by +1.6°, on the 12th to +8°. On the 7th, passing 2.7°, nine parallel highs will not reach 5° under cloudy skies and cold winds on the 11th and 14th.

A striking contrast to 18.1° and 18.5° on November 12 and 13 under the sun.

If we have to go back to 2010 to find a cold first two weeks, values ​​did not reach this level in the first ten days.

Further back, the first decade of 1987, 1991, 1995 and 1998 resulted in cold periods or cold onsets.

From 12.7° to 14.5° in the first decade of December 2018.

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