The Tri Yanns are losing one of their own

Jean-Paul Corbineau, one of the three Jeanes of Tri Yann, died this Friday at the age of 74. “It’s hard for me to find the words. There was such a bond between us, such a complementarity that with Jean-Paul’s departure, not a single leg of the stool is missing.” Jean Chocun, another member of the group, reacts. Jean Chocun adds: “Jean-Paul brought it voice, presence, view of things“.

Co-founder of Tri Yann

Jean-Paul Corbineau founded the Tri Yann group in 1970 with Jean Chocun and Jean-Louis Jossic. He participated in the group’s last tour. Kenavo Castle, until last September. Jean-Paul Corbineau died after a long illness.

My France: Saving energy

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