Resolution Games presents many new VR games

At the first ever VR gaming expo yesterday, Resolution Games revealed a slew of new VR games and updates. 2023 promises to be an interesting one for the Swedish studio behind VR titles like Demeo, Ultimechs and more. Angry Birds VR.

Resolution Games’ first VR gaming expo was a success, to say the least. The studio, located in Stockholm, Sweden, took the opportunity to introduce several new virtual reality games. also announced some updates for popular titles like Demeo, Ultimechs and Feed!

It also presented its latest developments in the mixed reality and augmented reality spaces. This includes his work on his version metaverse, called Tinyverse. Here’s a rundown of everything Resolution Games revealed during its VR gaming showcase.

Spatial Ops Open Beta

Now available on SideQuest

Among the innovations announced during Resolution Games’ VR gaming showcase is the launch of the first open beta version of Spatial Ops. This is a very first Competitive FPS in mixed reality. It is currently free on SideQuest.

The new VR title supports 1 and 8 players. Its specialty is its use of technology transition. With this feature, it allows players to turn any realistic environment into a real battlefield.

Rocket club

More in 2023

Racket Club is a new multiplayer VR game aimed specifically at fans racket sports. This will allow players around the world to compete in a brand new virtual sport designed specifically for VR headsets.

We don’t know much about the popular title yet. Nevertheless, we know that it promises a game quite similar To other multiplayer games of the Swedish studio.

Demeo battles

Launch in 2023

Since its release, Demeo has been considered one of the best virtual reality role-playing games out there. Much to the delight of fans, Resolution Games also gave more details about it pvp modeDemeo christened Battles during the VR games show.

It was announced about a year ago, so it will come out eventually next year. Meanwhile, the studio has released some images of the mode and promises to reveal more details about it later.

Demeo: Reign of Madness

Now available on PC and VR headsets

Reign of Madness is the fifth and final VR adventure from Demeo. Free, the new update is now available on PC and various compatible VR headsets. It will also land on the Pico 4 a little later.

Reign of Madness features new levels, maps and enemies. Note that the price of Demeo will increase with this new content $39.99 on all platforms in January.

Demeo PC edition leaves early access

Available now on Epic Games Store and Steam Deck

During the VR gaming showcase, Resolution Games also rewarded Demeo fans on pc. The studio later announced that the PC edition of the game was leaving early access. The title is then available on the Epic Games Store and Steam Deck.

Especially for Valve’s portable gaming console, Demeo now supports controllers and does optimized for the device.

Feed! “Fisher Friends”

Now available on Meta Quest

Bait Fishing Game! it didn’t get any major updates since 2016. Fortunately for fans of the VR title, Resolution Games hasn’t forgotten them and has launched the Fishin’ Buddies update.

Now available in the Quest Store, the latter brings a multiplayer mode So players can experience it for the first time Meta Quest 2 together and in real time.

“Free to Play” shield

Now available on Meta Quest, SteamVR, and soon Pico

To the delight of fans, PvP shooter Blaston is now available for download for free Via the “Free to Play” update on SteamVR and the Quest Store. The hit VR headset will also hit the Pico Neo3 Link and Pico 4 next year.

In addition to making the game free, the new update brings a few more improvements and additions. This includes new weapon attachments.

Ultimechs 2nd season

Now available on Meta Quest, SteamVR, and Pico

During the VR gaming showcase, Resolution Games finally unveiled season 2 of its futuristic VR sports game, Ultimechs. The new season is competing more intense more than ever.

In particular, it offers new Arcade mode the cooling time is shorter and the compressors are more numerous. It is currently available on the Quest Store, Pico, and SteamVR.

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