Miss France: Sylvie Tellier’s replacement is Cindy Fabre

Crowned at the end of 2004, he worked in the field of communications. This Saturday, December 17th, 37, Cindy Fabre will officially replace Sylvie Tellier.

By Mark Fourney

Cindy Fabre in 2013.
Cindy Fabre in 2013.

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THERE ISA brunette replaces a blonde in the kingdom of Misses… On December 17, the day of the election of a new beauty queen, another dubbing will be in the spotlight: Norman Cindy Fabre will officially take the place of Lyonnaise Sylvie. Tellier as director of Miss France. A small revolution in the silent universe of competition, M. with an iron fist for a long timeI de Fontenay, before he was replaced by Sylvie some fifteen years ago. After getting to know the latter winners closely, he wants to breathe new life into his career.

Different style, but also a character in antipodes: just as the energetic Sylvie Tellier is said to have a strong personality, Cindy Fabre has a reputation as a quiet and reserved young woman. A little too smooth, some would say… Something to appease producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert, who became the company’s CEO last year – a bad takeover by Sylvie Tellier would have felt left out. Especially since two women of strong character do not always agree on the evolution to be given to the competition: Sylvie Tellier thus opposed the nomination of female mothers, dominating the agenda of a year by raising an incompatible child. Sweet Cindy Fabre should not overshadow a powerful CEO…

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Born to a mother from Guadeloupe and a Burgundian father, he spent his childhood in Nièvre in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire before moving with his parents to Normandy. While studying marketing, her fortunes changed in December 2004 when she was crowned Miss France wearing the colors of Normandy. After trying her hand at modeling, Cindy Fabre made several appearances on television, in shows such as the Cash TV themed channel and later. Apartment search M6 or for a special edition of Miss France shopping queens in 2021.

Very transparent

However, he makes money in events by combining Ema Events, an agency based mainly in the Burgundy and Paris region, as well as Talent Lab, a company specialized in this field. popular marketing. On the personal side, she is the mother of a 10-year-old boy, Elio, but is separated from the latter’s father. According to the tabloids, her heart would already be won by someone else… It’s impossible to make noise on social networks, it’s not really her style. On his Instagram account, we mostly come across portraits and travel photos, one of his passions. Too transparent? This is a criticism some have made of him.

Starting with Sylvie Tellier, she would have preferred a better-known personality in her place, but Miss France producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert had the last word. Sylvie Tellier wanted a more media-friendly Miss; Alexia Laroche-Joubert wanted a Miss with a fairly solid professional background, Cindy Fabre recently explained in a newspaper Provence. Distance and the fact that you are no longer the center of attention does not mean that a woman is not professional. She also knows the mechanics of the Miss pageant well, having continued to work with Endemol through the events company that hired her.

It’s been more than three months since Cindy Alexia Laroche-Joubert began to carry out her duties while waiting for full freedom, when Sylvie Tellier will definitely leave after the ceremony on December 17. “Cindy, this is not the same style as Sylvie Tellier,” confirms 90-year-old Geneviève de Fontenay. I was also very surprised that the producer chose one of my former Misses instead of selecting Sylvie when she was in office… I have only good memories of her, she is a kind, sympathetic, loyal woman. Moreover, he calls me from time to time. It’s a good choice. “At least here Cindy is sure she won’t get a banderilla from the lady in the hat…

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