January 2023 movies, series and documentaries

2022 is already over! Thanks to Netflix, subscribers of the streaming platform could explore, learn, travel or just have fun. In front of the films and series shown this year, the audience laughed, cried, and felt stress, and all these emotions make us want more and more. After December, it was marked by emblematic releases such as documentary series Harry and Meghan, Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro’s stop-motion remake or dramatic comedy bardo, it’s time to learn New Netflix releases for January 2023. This first month of the new year will be marked by the return of subscribers’ favorite series, as well as the release of new films, documentaries, animated shows and stand-up shows. Ready for the list? Mark your calendars!

A new series to discover on Netflix in January 2023

Kaleidoscope : 1/01

A master heist and his team attempt an epic and complex seven billion dollar heist, but betrayal, greed and other factors derail their plan. It is an innovative series in its form, because the viewer can watch the episodes in any order.

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Ms. Voyeur : 1/01

Hacker Miranda has fun spying on her neighbor Cleo, a sex worker. Then their fates cross, a murder is committed, and his life changes forever.

The Lying Life of Adults : 4/01

In 1990s Naples, a teenager befriends the aunt his parents hate to better understand who he is and the city he comes from.

Ginny and Georgian 2 seasons : 01/5

Georgia and Ginny form new relationships and face new challenges in Wellsbury…until secrets from the past throw everything into doubt.

revenge : 5/01

After a suspicious car accident destroys her life, a woman bent on revenge finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy that affects the upper echelons of her small town.

The Copenhagen Cowboy : 01/5

After a life of slavery as a man’s lucky charm, a woman with strange powers seeks revenge on her oppressors.

tram : 9/01
Following a sudden tragedy, a politician’s wife must step out of the shadows and face her past as well as family secrets.

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to sexualize – 2 seasons: 01/11

Our three young entrepreneurs must deal with the chaos of their personal lives, a bitter rival and the demands of an investor.

Makanai: In the Maiko kitchen : 01/12

Two inseparable friends who dream of becoming maiko move together in Kyoto, but end up driven by very different passions.

Vikings: Valhalla – 2 seasons :01/12

Enemies old and new await Freydis, Leif and Harald as they travel the world in search of power and new territories to conquer.

Trial by fire : 01/13

After the deadly fire at the Uphaar cinema, two grieving parents must come to terms with the loss of their children and fight for justice. Inspired by real events.

Blue Rojo – Season 3: 01/13

In Almeria, Coral, Gina and Wendy find love and rebuild their lives. But Romeo is determined to get revenge, and the peace will not last long.

That 90s show : 01/19

Wisconsin, 1995. Leia Forman spends the summer with her grandparents and befriends the local youth. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll never die. Only the clothes change!

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In place : 01/20

An educator from the Paris suburbs is coming to the second round of the presidential elections. But is France really ready to elect its first black president? With Jean-Pascal Zadie.

Shahmaran : 01/20

Fauda – Season 4 – 01/20

The action-packed series returns for a new season.

Shantytown : 01/20

The chemistry of spirits : Season 1 Episode 2: 01/21

Contra las cuerdas : 01/25

Detained for a crime she didn’t commit, then released, Angela plays a mysterious wrestler to win back the love and respect of her lucha libre fan daughter.

Lockwood & Co. : 01/27

A teenage trio of two gifted boys and a girl with rare psychic abilities run a small agency that investigates the ghosts and spirits that haunt London.

Kings of Jo’Burg – Season 2: 01/27

The drama series returns for a new season.

Little Girl in the Snow : 01/27

Planet Junk : 01/31

Philomena Cunk educates us on the path taken or missed by humanity in this sharp spoof on the history of civilization.

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Endless Night: In the short term

New movies to discover on Netflix in January 2023

How I became a gangster : 4/01

An ambitious mobster rises through the ranks of Warsaw’s underworld, he jumps at the chance to be at the top.

Pale Blue Eye : 6/01 Feature film with Christian Bale

A lost dog : 01/13

When his dog goes missing in Appalachia, a young man and his father embark on an incredible mission to find him and administer life-saving medicine.

Solution+ : 01/19

Loyalty : 01/20

A black U.S. Navy SEAL and his loyal wingman support each other through life and death in this Korean War epic inspired by an incredible true story.

Majnu mission : 01/20

Narvik : 01/23

While a young Norwegian soldier fights in the trenches, his wife must confront German forces occupying the city.

You People : 01/27

Newlyweds and their parents explore modern love and family dynamics amid culture shock, societal expectations, and generational differences.

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JUNG_E : In the short term

New documentaries to discover in January 2023

Madoff: The Financial Monster : 4/01

This documentary series follows the rise and fall of financier Bernie Madoff, who orchestrated one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Wall Street history.

Merciless Mumbai: Police Vs Mafia : 6/01

In the 1990s, a gang leader had control over the city of Mumbai until the emergence of vigilantes who brazenly killed their targets.

Kai, the ax hitchhiker : 10/01

This harrowing documentary chronicles how a carefree drifter who rose to fame suddenly went from high to low and eventually to prison.

breaking point : 01/13

This documentary series follows a group of professional tennis players – on and off the court – through a season of intense competition. By the team behind it Formula 1: Drive to survive.

Pamela, A Love Story : 01/31

Pamela Anderson recounts her rise to fame, chaotic loves and famous sex tape in her own words through videos and diaries.

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Stand-up shows will be discovered in January 2023

Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger : 01/10

Netflix’s January 2023 reality and entertainment shows

Ultimatum: Get married or it’s over – Season 1 : 30/12/2022 (episodes 1-8) – 6/01/2023 (episodes 9 and 10)

Six undecided couples receive an ultimatum: either get married or break up. But they will spend three weeks with their new partner before making a decision.

Hot inside! : 6/01

They are 11 chefs, sharing the same roof, and they have to vote for someone who will win $100,000. A high-tension competition that combines gastronomy and strategy.

The Delights Brigade – Season 2 : 01/20

The popular baking competition is back for a second season.

Bling Empire: New York : 01/20

Taking over New York without sacrificing drama or party, this new example of Asian gratin America celebrates her heyday and her wardrobe!

100% Physical! : Short

In this fierce fitness competition, one hundred contestants in great physical shape compete to win the best body award.

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Anime to be discovered in January 2023

Apron way – Season 2 : 1/01

Everyone’s favorite former yakuza is back! She clips coupons, saves on groceries, and takes her role as a housewife very, very seriously.

Maniac: The Macabre Anthology by Junji Ito : 01/19

Synopsis: An anthology of the weirdest, most disturbing, and horrifying tales from the mind of horror manga genius Junji Ito.

Valkyrie Apocalypse : Season 2 Episodes 1 to 10 : 01/26

Bloodless humanity has not yet lost its fight for survival. And in this decisive round, it’s the evil man who faces off against the all-powerful new god.

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