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Every month, Phototrend invites you to discover the photo books that make us stand out. Here are 5 new books we have selected for you in December 2022.

Comics this month Magnum Generation(s). reveals the beginning of the famous photo agency. with Half a century in the Himalayasessayist Matthew Rickard Shares 350 photos. In parallel, Hemeria publishes a new edition of the book Interior Viewswhere are the photos Florian de Lassee questions the paradoxes of cities and their inhabitants. Likewise, Inner Journey Explores Robert Louis Stevenson’s story of the same name in pictures. Finally, Eyrolles publications presents a new edition of the bestseller dAnne-Laure Jacquart, Stack, Set, Trigger. Good read.

Magnum Generation(s).

On the occasion of his 75th anniversary Magnum Picturesagency and Caurette publications combined a unpublished comic book. Magnum Generation(s). retrace the origin and early years of this great adventurewith the journey of its four founders.

We follow the meeting throughout the 248 pages of the book Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodget and David Seymour, in the midst of the agonies of the first half of the 20th century, torn between waves of freedom and the rise of totalitarianism. Violence, tenderness, injustice and solidarity confront each other, allowing the 4 photographers to express themselves and understand the motivations that led them to create Magnum Photos.

Highlights: the book combines 183 pages of comics and a total of 73 photographs. Hence the drawings Rafael Ortiz, Trunk Saw and Arnaud Lockett and Hiroyuki Ooshima and shots of 4 photojournalism masters respond to each other. The reader is immediately immersed in the field with them and after a few pages can discover photographs taken during the events they immortalized.

Finally, a 14 page folder Prepared by Clara Bouverrese, Doctor of Art History, deciphers problems animating agencysheds additional light on the behind-the-scenes of this huge human adventure from its inception to the present day.

Magnum Génération(s) by Jean-David Morvan with art by Rafael Ortiz, Scie Tronc and Arnaud Locquet and Hiroyuki Ooshima
Publisher: Co-published by Caurette – Magnum Photos
€29.90, 248 pages, hardcover format 21 x 28 cm
Buy the book: Fnac

Half a century in the Himalayas

for 50 years Matthew Rickard He lived in the Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet, northern India or Bhutan. There he photographed peasants, nomads and monks, but above all various spiritual masters that he can meet. On the plateaus at 4000 meters above sea level, he collected a series of photographs and testimonies. unusual lifestyle.

with his book Half a century in the Himalayasthe essayist and photographer share 350 photos, each bearing witness to the beauty, wisdom, and spirituality he discovered. In the heart of the Himalayas.

The photographs are all accompanied by texts in which Matthieu Ricard shares his personal journey. He talks about the humanitarian projects he was able to implement, as well as the meetings and ceremonies he was able to attend. So this book is both a photographer’s return to 50 years of photography and life in the Himalayas – and a respect for this unique place and for its inhabitants.

Half a Century in the Himalayas by Matti Ricard
Publisher: La Martiniere
€40, 352 pages, hardcover format 24 x 32 cm
Buy the book: Fnac

Interior Views

First offered (and sold) in the US in 2008, Interior Views again published under the auspices of Hemeria. French photographer and visual artist Florian de Lassee it creates tension there loneliness of city dwellers, photographed a city filled with anthills behind the windows of urban shelters and outdoors. Lights define them at night sleepwalking cities facades become mirrors and windows open to the privacy of each.

Anonymity and solitude, whether chosen or the result of circumstance, create mystery in these 82 intricately colored frames, where reflections and their reflections shape the image. These photos were taken between 2004 and 2014 remains relevantafter successive arrests, he questions the meaning of city life more than ever.

Interior Views Available in a French-English bilingual edition with or including Italian parcel collector’s editions accompanied by signed prints.

Interior Views by Floriane de Lassee
Publisher: Hemeria
From €65, 157 pages, hardcover format 37 x 30 cm
Buy the book: Hemeria

Compose, adjust, run! Picture Step by Step, 2nd Edition

Eyrolles provides publications New edition of Anne-Laure Jacquart’s bestseller, Stack, Set, Trigger. This new version is enriched with 50 new pages very pedagogical approach of the authorto help the photographer use the settings purpose of creative expression. The photographer explains: “Photography is not an exact science, but a game of strategy.”

There are 10 chapters in this book step by step photo at each stage of creation. It all starts with the work of the eye and vision, the choice of the point of view, then the frame and composition. Then comes the handling of light, depth of field and timing – quickly – before selecting photos, retouching and finishing with photographic intent. Of course, each time the reader will come to read the chapters according to their own wishes or needs with illustrations, explanations and practical cases.

This book, ideal for beginners and advancedreminds us of this technology is not an end in itself. The appearance and observation of the environment are two important aspects, the parameters that come to support the creative vision – not the other way around. And we always appreciate the simplicity of Anne-Laure Jacquart’s explanations.

Compose, adjust, run! Photography Step by Step, 2nd Edition by Anne-Laure Jacquart
Publisher: Eyrolles
€28, 206 pages, paperback format 22 x 24 cm
Buy the book: Fnac / Eyrolles

Inner Journey

In his work Inner Journey, Quentin Provost explores the story of the same name written by Robert Louis Stevenson In 1878. This is short travel story told of a canoe journey of the author and his friend over rivers and canals from Antwerp to Pontois. So Quentin Pruvost is gone in the footsteps of the writer to relive this journey over water and regions.

The photographer captured the houses, vegetation and all the elements he came across along the coast. Sto submerge completely presents photographs in the universe of the Scottish writer between dream and reality, oscillating between shadow and light with a silver shimmer. On the pictures, the photographer invites us to follow him travel like a dreamwhere mysterious visions from the creative mind of a true author and photographer are found.

Inner Journey therefore a an invitation to an adventure along the water but also a proposal to rewrite the image of a famous story Inner Journey by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Inner Journey by Quentin Pruvost
Publisher: Light Motiv
€39, 138 pages, hardcover format 21 x 27.5 cm
Buy the book: Fnac / Light Motiv

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