Combining cars and nature at Avenue du 109 RI 52

traffic to avenue du 109e It is not without problems for RI residents, the Province and the Gendarmerie School. A plan is being developed to find solutions. The prospect will be developed and the school imagines new options.

Neighborhood relations at 109e RI Avenue are not exactly peaceful. In terms of parking and frequent spaces, the tension is felt between the police academy, residents living in private or public accommodation and all those who come to the hospital or clinic.

Another difficulty is the passage of heavy trucks on the avenue.

A public meeting on the subject was held on December 15 to begin solving the problems. As residents, the gendarmerie, each reaffirmed their position. The problem can be summed up in a few words: the lack of spaces in relation to the number of cars to park.

The head of the school, General Laurent Gérin, explains the equation to be solved: “an average of 450 student cars must be absorbed.” However, 190 school sites are available and 85 have been released in agreement with the municipality (60 in Voltaire car park and 25 in Herriot). If we are talking about freeing up space for residents of low-income housing, then you need to find about 200, or even about 250!

“Prospect and the city should receive 450 police student cars.”

General Laurent Guerin Commandant of Chaumont Gendarmerie School

As a sign of effort and openness, the General set three priorities for the Gendarmerie School: to fill the available places, the exemplary duty of the students to follow the rules of the highway and therefore not to park anywhere, and to respect their rights. the same students. He reminds them that they have the right to park on RI Ave 109e RI without being insulted or having their car damaged. The school will complain every time and if similar facts are repeated, it will deal with the implementation of the legislation in this area.

Laurent Gérin completes the approach to school by asking students to develop car use; “a source of savings and places”.

The lower part of the avenue will be completely redesigned for pedestrians and promenades.

For maximum fluidity of vehicles

She is well aware of these challenges and concerns, as is Christine Guillemy, the mayor of Chaumont. They seek “maximum fluidity” after open dialogue. But Christine Guillemy includes some principles that cannot be debated. For example, he avoids denigrating the avenue des Etats-Unis and the 109th RI. “The promenade is beautiful, there are four rows of trees. We must not distort it and surrender to the whole machine.”

The Avenue du 109e RI will be rebuilt in 2023 and, above all, the roadway will be redesigned with clearly redesigned spaces for cars, as well as areas where parking will be prohibited. Security assistant Thierry Alonso promises it.

However, there is no additional space in the option, which is expected and looks like the existing option with longitudinal parking. The other option, which is to park on the car, does not bring any profit and seems to have been forgotten.

So the City, and especially the Gendarmerie, which owns the land, is looking at the side of the land it owns in Buxereuilles, next to the shooting range. The general is talking about a way to actually make a parking lot, but it will have to serve “a considerable budget that we don’t have.” Potential is 200 spaces per acre and frees 109th RI Ave.

Signs try to regulate parking.

Development of the lower part of the avenue

Thierry Alonso goes a little further by envisioning an unloading zone and shuttles during promotional rides that double the number of vehicles on the avenue again.

Finally, reconstruction works will have the opportunity to completely change the face of the bottom of the avenue. The idea is that it becomes pedestrianized for “soft” use, connecting through the “green belt”. The point of view will be highlighted and the site will be completely reinvented.

By Frederick Thewen

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