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This Thursday, December 15, at the Metropolitan Council, President Francois Rebsamen and Vice President for Urban Planning Pierre Pribetic will present a report aimed at approving the launch of the “” project. study of inventory and protection of green areas » for 2 years and with a budget of 200,000 euros.

Last June, the same Pierre Pribetich confirmed to residents’ representatives that “ the least available land should be urbanized “. “ At least “ground means he wants to make it concrete” ALL » lands and « UNTILTO MORE AZ “of them. And in every interview, he reveals his words: “ build, construct, construct “, to the provocation he likes:” not enough taps yet “.

It is clear: on the one hand, they concrete the city at any cost, and on the other hand, they swear hand in hand to preserve nature in the city. Contradiction, inconsistency and absolute cynicism characterize the tandem of Rebsamen-Pribetic concreters.

Concrete all the plots that are still available, this is a project favored by the PLUi, with their clear acceleration from 2019 for several years in Dijon and in the metropolis.HD (Local Intermunicipal Urban Planning Plan for Living and Travel) with very high building targets and overly permissive regulations.

This logic gradually leads to the real destruction of nature in the city by many. project sites » with the densification of many suburbs, where buildings replace spontaneous vegetation and allow 9 or 12 m height (not limited to 7 m in the whole suburban zone, as Rebsamen confirms), allows unscrupulous promoters to disperse 2. or 3, which are built to build houses, destroy the garden fabric of these neighborhoods, which make up a very significant part of the diffuse greenery in the city.

The housing need argument, chanted like a mantra, is no longer heard to justify this disaster. Especially the construction goals set by PLUiHD they greatly exceed. The study contributed to public research on the modification of PLUi.HD Citizen workshop for alternative urbanism in 2021″ UrbAlter » Identified and monitored the implementation of all building permits issued on the French mainland. This analysis shows that annual new housing production for 2019-2021 exceeds PLUi’s average annual target.HD. Severe overheating, confirming the diffuse feeling shared by many Dijonnais.es to see their city sinking under concrete.

A report to be presented to elected officials this evening explains that “ PLUi-HD protects the main urban and rural green areas of the metropolis “, But he “ Some of the protections of the urban planning regulations may not correspond to the actual issues of protection of natural spaces in the city, or sometimes they may not exist, which allows the owners of the relevant forest masses to clear them without prior permission. . »

But this PLUi-HD, in fact very few protectors of nature spaces in the city, really Rebsamen and Pribetich who wanted it and forced them to vote. Dijonnais.es widely opposed their project through a public poll, demanding less concrete and more nature in the city. Alas, unheard.

To justify this new lengthy and very expensive investigation, the report also explains that “ the lack of in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and quality of designated green areas does not facilitate the processing of building permits. »

Big joke. They certainly take the Dijonnais for fools !

Green spaces in the city are very easy to identify, just open your eyes wide.

Easily available aerial images and satellite photos also allow accurate identification of vegetation areas.

In fact, this challenge “ the quality of designated green areas It makes us fear the worst: so the aim of the study would be to rank the green spaces good quality and those to protect poor quality » we can continue to loot ?

In fact, research is of no use unless there is first a strong and clear political will to protect the few remaining natural spaces in the city.

However, apart from declarations of intent and placating speeches, it is clear that this will is lacking and that the urban planning policy being implemented reflects a fundamentally opposite project of submerging Dijon under a large slab of concrete with planned artificialisation. It is equivalent to 670 football fields between 2020 and 2030.

In brief green verse, the report explains that “ in the context of climate transition and energy prudence, forested green spaces play a central role in urban microclimate regulation. They enable the creation of islands of coolness and are thus valuable assets in the fight against urban heat islands. The benefit is two-fold: for biodiversity, but also for the well-being of residents and the living environment. “.

How beautiful ! Suddenly, the concrete duo would see the light and finally realize the urgency to turn back and protect what needed to be saved. ? Is Pribetich ready to admit it? the smallest available land should be preserved and greened » !? phew…

Finally, they told us “ participatory approach “Now put it in all the sauces, I promise” residents and associations defending neighborhoods and/or the environment will be invited to express themselves and contribute to the various stages of the research mission. “.

Rebsamen already did the trick of environmental awareness and citizen participation 2 years ago (December 3, 2020), when he announced that he would ask residents to help him identify green spaces to be protected:

I will propose an original approach to the Municipal Council. I will ask the neighborhood councils to go to the neighborhoods with the elected officials to identify beautiful houses with a nice green environment, that is, with protected trees or unprotected trees but with a large area that needs to be protected (…). and [ils] will show us not only the house, but also the houses that we can no longer sell to developers to build buildings there to protect the greenery around it (…). »

If we are still waiting for his way original approach “, this did not prevent the large number of Dijonnais.es, often united or organized collectively, to warn him regularly in natural spaces all over the city, to protect against destructive real estate projects. With always derogatory responses to residents and hand out to promoters.

Oh, no, that’s right, there was the small Samuel Paty square, known as the mayor’s symbol of environmental change. It’s sad, but above all, it’s dramatic.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind Rebsamen that the Suzon coast and plain is one of the last natural spaces of the city, the largest (3 hectares), so it should be protected from any urbanization. is the object of RUBS (Suzon City Biodiversity Reserve), was established by a citizen’s decree last month at the initiative of the collective. Save the shores of Suzon “.

There is no need for a €200,000 study to determine that this site is an urban natural space to be protected ! If it has minimum consistency, the mayor should immediately refuse to sell this land to developers and refuse to issue any building permits. Then proceed to organize and visit the private areas of the site RUBS.

A small glimmer of hope during a meeting on a major city project in Quetigny last Monday ? To the question about Suzon, Rebsamen answered: “ Of course, the shores of Suzo will be protected, of course there will be no trees cut down. We have stopped taking him at his word, but we will be able to remind him of this promise, given and recorded before many witnesses.

Mr. President of the Dijon Métropole, if you are thinking of creating a diversion with your research to divert eyes from Suzon, you have failed. ! So stop watching your friend Pribetich dream of sinking Dijon under concrete, you’ll lose your soul there.

Instead, listen to Dijonnais.es, who are numerous to ask you to stop robbing nature in the city.

Don’t wait for the results of 2 years of research to finally be acted upon ; by this time, Pribetich and the promoters will have cut down the last tree !

Save the coast of Suzon group

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