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Times are tough for artisan bakers. On the customer side, along with a decrease in purchasing power, an increase in raw material and energy prices is observed. Five different profiles of professionals working around Amiens testify.

“Bakeries, there’s a couple to close…” Franck Lagrange is believed to be a baker with his wife at Délices de Nat, opposite the municipality of Beaucamps-le-Vieux. Between the energy context and rising raw material prices, the profession is certainly going through tough times. Cross portraits.

Benedicte Vervelle was forced to close the family business

Bénédicte Vervelle (left) in front of one of the vending machines she rented. Some are still working, others are provided by specialists. – (Photo by Aude Collina)

Municipality Beauval, at the gates of Doullens, no more bakers. It was Benedicte Vervelle’s parents who bought the pastry shop in 1976 and added a baking business. “I continued in August 2020” recalls their employee, Benedikte Vervelle. He quickly developed bread distributors, which he operated on a lease basis, and supplied ten of them. But on October 27, 2022, he left the key under the door, leaving the residents stunned. Today “tired”emphasizes “Inflation, fuel, oil-fired stoves, raw materials prices have doubled. » There were six people to run the shop, including two apprentices, including his own son. “Since the spring, everything has become difficult. We tried to catch the bar this summer, but there is no point in continuing to sink. » However “The customers were there” 46-year-old job seeker Bénédicte Vervelle says “definitely not in a bakery”.

Ferries view retirement differently

Corinne ferry at Beauquesne.
Corinne ferry at Beauquesne. – (Photo by Aude Collina)

“If we no longer have a tariff shield, our bill will be tripled…” Corinne Ferry eagerly awaits the passage of the electrician Beauquesneshe lives near the store with her husband so that he can measure her consumption. “We’ve been here for 22 years” said the mother of three grown children. But if necessary, she plans to move in with her fifty-year-old husband and become an employee. “The goal was to finish our careers there and sell the fund to buy an apartment for retirement” This 55-year-old baker says. Cancellation of half post – “1000 euro savings” – did not bear fruit. And in addition: “Before, when I bought raw materials, I had an invoice for 1,800 euros. It’s 2500 euros… We can’t. »

Jean-Luc Gassion is trying to sell

Jean-Luc Gassion in Saint-Ouen wants to sell his fund to retire next year.
Jean-Luc Gassion in Saint-Ouen wants to sell his fund to retire next year. – (Photo by Aude Collina)

Jean-Luc Gassion, who has been working for 14 and a half years, will be able to retire in April 2023. He will wait until the end of the year and the retirement of the employees of the bakery where he worked for eleven years. St. Owen. “I put my business up for sale almost a year ago, but nothing. It will be a tough sell. The lights are not green… I tell myself that it will be a miracle if I find someone to take it (…) In the past, this job used to make the master retire.” The baker is desperate, in a sector hit hard by uncertainty. To the point of questioning his lifestyle and lifestyle “victim” provided for the smooth running of the business. His natural optimism finally takes over: “The government said that maybe they will do something in January…”

Lagrange rounds reduce

Lagranges, Beaucamps-le-Vieux.
Lagranges, Beaucamps-le-Vieux. – (Photo by Aude Collina)

To whom Beaucamps-le-Vieux, Franck and Nathalie Lagrange do not avoid the increase in the price of eggs, yeast or even butter. But their isolation is a strength. “Here, we’re a little lonely. The next bakery is 12 km away and there is no supermarket. I wouldn’t want to be in the city…” They even managed to keep the baguette price below the euro bar, at 95 cents. At Délices de Nat we have chosen to reduce the tour to compensate for the increase in fuel prices.

Good start for Guillaume Davril

Guillaume Davril Flesselles opened after two weeks of work at Au Petit boulanger d'antan.
Guillaume Davril Flesselles opened after two weeks of work at Au Petit boulanger d’antan. – (Photo by Aude Collina)

For several weeks, Guillaume Davril, 33, has been studying Applied Research and Studies at the Institute for Research and Teaching in Amiens (IREAM). Flesselles where he practices at home. Since its opening on Tuesday, October 4th, it has seen a can of yeast in particular jump ten euros. “Now it’s 35 euros. ». “This is a project I have been thinking about for a long time. Anyway, I started. This was my project. » And despite everything, the young man and his three employees are doing well. “New people are coming” offering a baguette for one euro, the Petit Boulanger d’Antan team is attracting attention with the wind of change blowing. “We are far above the forecast. »

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