Miss France 2023: The scientific model already knows who will win the coveted scarf!

News JVTech Miss France 2023: The scientific model already knows who will win the coveted scarf!

This weekend there will be not one (Football World Cup final) but two unmissable interplanetary events, live from Châteauroux, Indre prefecture, for the selection of Miss France 2023, as well known to soccer fans. If we believe in science, the winner and his four runners-up would already be known! We reveal everything to you.

What happened to Paul the octopus while waiting to be chosen as Miss France 2023?

Good or bad, predictions found in the clouds or provided by an octopus have the ability to excite us and make us react like the day after a defeat for OM or PSG at the local PMU bar.

We all fondly remember Paul the Octopus, who predicted an incredible 12 out of 14 at Euro 2008 in Switzerland and Austria and then an incredible 8 out of 8 at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. the best “live” forecaster as far as we know.

Pavel octopus review

Born in England in 2008, the life of an octopus, which, unfortunately, was more than 2 years, died peacefully in October 2010 and remains an example of a mystery for all those who make predictions to win millions.

The star of this weekend’s World Cup predictions this time around is a well-established AI, mostly overestimating Brazil and completely forgetting about Morocco in the last four and even the quarter-finals.

However, what interests us here is not football, but the selection of Miss France 2023, where everything can be played, if we believe the statements of the Avisia agency.

According to science, who will be chosen as Miss France 2023?

Miss France 2023: The scientific model already knows who will win the coveted scarf!

Established in 2007,
presents itself as a major player in the field of DATA, Digital and Technology. That’s great because that’s what we care about!

So, for 5 years now, the French firm has been working on environmental forecasts
Miss France was chosen
It’s a technique for extracting content from websites to collect and analyze data, analyzing tons of data from “Machine Learning” (mainly artificial intelligence) and “web scraping”.

To refine its model and forecasts, the company relies on a variety of data sources:

  • Profile of candidates : age, size, region, profession, ranking in regional competition
  • Demographics (district of elected officials and election place): socio-demographic data, population size, distribution by age, education level, CSP
  • Social networks related to miss hashtags : number of tweets, retweets, likes, followers… with sentiment analysis on tweets to classify as positive/negative
  • General image information eye color, hair color, etc. serves as a reference for

Mixing all this with a shaker, Here are the expected results for Saturday’s Miss France 2023 selection by Avisia:

  • Miss France 2023: Indira Ampiot, Miss Guadeloupe
  • 1st place: Agathe Cauet, Miss Nord Pas De Calais
  • 2nd Dauphin: Axelle René, Ms. Martinique
  • 3rd Dauphin: Solène Scholer, Miss Champagne-Ardenne
  • 4th runner-up: Esther Coutin, Miss Rhone-Alps

Recall that in 2021 (for Miss France 2022) Avisia’s predictions were as follows:

  • Miss France 2022: Floriane Bascou, Ms. Martinique
  • 1st place: Hayate El Gharmaoui, Miss Picardy
  • 2nd place: Eva Navarro, Miss Provence
  • 3rd Dauphin: Charlotte Faure, Miss Rhône-Alpes
  • 4th runner-up: Cécile Wolfrom, Ms. Alsace

Although the end result is:

  • Miss France 2022: Miss Ile-de-France
  • The 1st Place: Ms. Martinique
  • 2nd place: Ms. Alsace
  • 3rd place: Miss Tahiti
  • 4th Dauphin: Miss Normandy

This gives only 2 of the 5 Misses in the same ranking and not in the right place… We bet the predictions for Miss Guadeloupe will be a little more accurate this year!

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