A musical waltz about age sends up stereotypes

A game between good humor and prevention. Good! Now let’s dance… invites himself to Cénon at Rocher de Palmer on Thursday, December 15, and to L’Entrepôt in Haillan on Friday, December 16. The musical performance, which is free for adults and children, will continue after the year-end celebrations. From January 17, 2023 in Bergerac.

Created in collaboration with the New Aquitaine pension funds (CARSAT and MSA), this musical comedy focuses on the common concerns of the French people, of all generations. On the occasion of a century of health prevention, the performance is a point of pride “Take care of yourself throughout your life”. This repeats the events of the last two years.

Good! Now let’s dance… Written by Frédéric Chevaux, actor and writer. After the performance Aging is Living! (2013) and the show I used to be old… (2018), across the Aquitaine region, pension funds implementing measures to prevent “living well, aging well” once again bet on art and entertainment to raise awareness of “living well” at all ages.

Frédéric Chevaux was partly inspired by his parents

Directed by Julien Rouquette, the main characters are a couple of pensioners who lead a busy life. “The goal is to show that we live better today than 50 or 100 years ago. Then retirement doesn’t mean sitting on the couch all day doing nothing. »Frédéric Chevaux says.

The composer wrote it in two months. “I had a sentence to develop to begin with. This pitch was the teenager’s visit to his grandparents and would show him the importance of initiative and self-care. Then I got specifications with all the messages to deliver: “retired people are active, they are active and we need to create connections between different generations”. Then I had complete freedom in my instruction, especially what I wanted to express, how to say itFrédéric Chevaux says. We wanted a story to connect the messages, and we didn’t carry the messages by accidentally telling a story.”he insists.

The writer, who is free from imagination and pen, got his inspiration when he was with his parents. “I went to do a short-term internship with my retired parents, to observe their activities and daily lives. I also focused on my feelings about the evolution of health. I am 50 years old and I see a clear evolution in the last five decades.”Frédéric Chevaux emphasizes.

A musical that includes the youngest and the oldest

This performance, performed by eight actor-singers, including four actress-singers, has an intergenerational character: “It is important to bring generations together. We talk about career and life choices at 20, stress at work at 40, and looking back at the retirement generation at 60.the author of the musical testifies.

In the works since 2018, the musical has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Actor-singers on tour in New Aquitaine from June 2022 have found the pleasure of the stage. “The play originates primarily from New Aquitaine. The long-term goal is to develop it in different regions and bring it to the whole of France to reach as many people as possible.Frédéric Chevaux says.

Good! Now let’s dance… – Synopsis

Sixty-year-old retirees Henri and Mireille live in New Aquitaine. Their days are full like the days of the youngest: cultural and gastronomic discoveries, trips… But suddenly, in two days, their 20-year-old grandson Sam arrives unexpectedly. Henry and Mireille did not expect his arrival at all. They are worried that Sam will be covering plants on their couch all day. This completely changes their plans and disrupts them to a great extent… But how will they manage to get Sam out of the way as soon as possible and get their freedom back? Marie-Geneviève, a neighbor crazy about coffee and gossip, especially likes the young man. Finally, grandparents and grandchildren will find a common taste for a lively life and many other things!

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