Top of the best movies in space

Space has been a recurring theme in the seventh art ever since Georges Méliès began cinema that already took us to the moon. With the rise of special effects, these distant and mysterious universes have multiplied. Space fascinates us again and again, confirming the top of the best movies that take place far from Earth…

forbidden planet (1956)

Advance from the saga Star Wars, forbidden planet already featured a yellow cult rotating credits against a starry background… In the 22nd century, an investigation was launched. mysterious shipwreck On the planet Altair 4. The expedition team discovers that the latter is inhabited by two survivors: Doctor Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) and his daughter (Anne Francis), and his only companion is a woman. intelligent robot. In retro 60s fashion, the crew is welcomed home to conduct their investigation. But what they discover will be more than expected

Forbidden place ©Metro Goldwyn Mayor

It was a 1957 film shot entirely in the studio. Combining “futuristic” design with extraterrestrial decorations, it offers a kitsch but still impressive environment. Between colorful trees and rocks disappearing into the horizon, we are immersed in this exotic and disturbing atmosphere. Director Fred M. Wilcox’s passion continues until the film’s finalespecial effects, revolutionary for the time. The film also broke two records for originality: it was the first Hollywood plot to take place completely in spacebut also the first a 100% electronic music.

forbidden planet therefore a a classic of the genre science fiction that has since inspired two famous creators of cult epics Star Wars (George Lucas) and star path (Gene Roddenberry)…

2001: a space odyssey (1968)

For his ninth film 2001: a space odysseyRepresented by Stanley Kubrick human history, in all its glory. From primates discovering the Tool in the middle of a dry desert to the intelligent computer HAL 9000 traversing space, we pass through time to the sounds of great classical composers. The film’s opening has mystified the track to a great extent Thus spake Zarathustra By Richard Strauss, When Spaceships Dance Beautiful Blue Danube By Johann Strauss…

2001, a space odyssey
2001, A Space Odyssey ©MGM

The evolution of humanity, which began on Earth, takes us to the year 2001 on the ship Discovery. On the way to Jupiter, this ship places David Bowman (Keir Dullea) and Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood). two astronauts on a mission. Indeed the discovery of the mysterious lunar black monolith puts them on the path of this distant planet… However, their excursions await them on all sides, crossing human borders and many surprises.

In 1969, he got it in 2001Oscar for best visual effects, and for good reason. Devoting almost two-thirds of the total budget to the latter, the film uses previously existing techniques, but also brings innovations. Thus it is born slit-scana process to create visual distortions used during the psychedelic sequence of the solitary journey… The scenes of the ships traveling through space benefited from the best techniques of the time. motion controlallowing them to be very reliable even today.

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