The 12 best things you don’t want to do but are glad you did

Sometimes life presents us with discouraging trials that weigh heavily on our shoulders, such as when we have to get up too early to go to work or brush our teeth at night. But if some of these life affairs deeply irritate us, we are still really relieved when they are finally behind us, and we invite you to see with a few examples.

Wash the dishes after the night

When there’s enough dishes in the sink to cover a grown man, you have no choice but to do it. It’s certainly a bad time to be going through, but the sun is at the end of the tunnel.

to make a will

Yes, it’s gloomy, not to say morbid, but you feel instantly more confident when you know who will inherit your adult magazine collection and Johnny Halliday pillow. It’s a bad time to cross, but the shoreline isn’t that far from the boat.

Exercise the day after a big loaf of bread

After two meters, when you’re coughing up your lungs and your heart is beating faster than a coke-covered metal drum, you might think you’re going to die in a second, but you have to keep up the pace. It’s certainly a bad time to go through, but the grass will be greener later.

Change the sheets at 00:30 when going to bed

Yes, it’s really annoying because we just want to sleep, but when the white sheets turn from yellow to moldy green, it’s time to change them, even if it’s late. This is certainly a bad time to pass, but the couscous is cooked soon.

When you get home in the evening, wash your hair/remove make-up

We’re clearly lazy, but think of your pillow case, which you’ll find darker than the face of a small extra in a movie. Germinal. This is certainly a bad time to be going through, but after a storm comes good weather.

give birth to

Having never had the chance or honor to give birth, I can’t say whether it’s a beautiful moment, but it doesn’t seem as pleasant as a head massage or a drink: lemonade before sunset. It is certainly a bad time to pass, but the sausage is quickly in the cassula.

Two weeks of shopping

It takes an hour and we have to pack our bags to take to her apartment BUT it’s an incredible time saver for the rest of the week. This is certainly a bad time to go through, but the sheep are soon in the sheepfold.

Make Christmas presents

There’s nothing worse than preparing Christmas presents, but you honestly find yourself on the 24th and you’re the only bastard who doesn’t offer anything? No, you are a good person. This is certainly a bad time to pass, but the rod soon entered the bowl.

Cook for a week

In the same vein as shopping for two weeks, prepping all your lunches ahead of time can be decidedly boring, but it saves you a lot of time when you get home at the end of the day. It’s certainly a bad time to go through, but the hot piss will soon be just a distant memory (painful).

Clean up your emails

Having too many emails in your inbox is cluttering it up, and that’s sad. It’s tedious to sort through, but it’s good for the planet and your eyes. Of course, it’s a bad time to pass, but the ball will soon be in the gates.

Drink water between each glass of alcohol in the evening

Prevention is better than cure, never more true than making sure to drink plenty of water between each evening glass of alcohol. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but you won’t regret it the next day. It’s certainly a bad time to pass, but the egg never falls far from the chicken (or anything like that).

Pass your license

Yes, hitting driving hours and code reviews is horrible, BUT having a license and a car is so good, it’s like home anywhere. But we sleep badly there. It’s certainly a bad time, but the albatross will soon return to its cozy nest. What great memories of the driver’s license.

Do you also like to scratch your earwax and suck your finger while staring intently at your beloved colleague?

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