Netflix is ​​expanding its science and nature offerings, announcing the release of six new documentary series starting November 22 with Our Universe.

We’re excited to expand our science and nature offerings with six new anthology documentary series over the next few years. Our universeA series originally narrated by Morgan Freeman and available from November 22.

Nature documentaries allow us to explore, discover and understand the wonders and many complexities of the world around us. Addressing endless topics throughout history, they relate to the origins of the Earth, our current environment, or the future of the planet. Through stunning filmmaking and innovative technologies, these cinematic documentaries bring nature’s most exotic or microscopic specimens within reach.

It is not surprising that films and series dedicated to our world attract viewers from all over the world. More than 100 million families watched Our planet Since its release in April 2019 and April this year National Parks: These Wonders of the World upon release, it entered the top 10 English-language series on Netflix and the top 10 in 26 countries. We are also proud to be recognized with these two series at the Emmys®.

Created by visionary producers and told by acclaimed narrators, these stories will captivate young and old alike.

Introducing the new series:

Our universe — Available November 2022. Original version narrated by Morgan Freeman Tizer: This exceptional six-part documentary series from BBC Studios takes us through an epic story spanning more than 13.8 billion years. Combining stunning images of wild animals with stunning cosmic special effects, the series takes viewers on a fascinating adventure that explores the interrelationships that bind together the elements of our natural environment. From the creation of the sun to the birth of the sea turtle, Our universe It uses groundbreaking animation techniques to bring to life the incredible celestial forces that created our solar system. The use of state-of-the-art cameras and computer-generated imagery allows viewers to observe Earth’s most iconic animal species up close. The English version of the series is narrated by Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. Executive production: Andrew Cohen Showman: Mike Davis Production company: BBC Studios Size: six 45-minute episodes Additional images available for download HERE

our planet 2 — Available in 2023 English version Narrated by David Attenborough Teaser: The Emmys® winning team is behind you Place and Our planet present our planet 2. Every moment, billions of animals move around the Earth. Through stunning and innovative photography, Our Planet 2 reveals the mysteries of animal migration and some of the most incredible stories Mother Nature has to offer. Production of the series: Huw Cordey Executive production: Alastair FothergillKeith Scholey Production company: Silverback movies Size: Four 50-minute episodes

Life on our planet — Available in 2023 Original version narrated by Morgan Freeman Hook: The series tells about the epic struggle of existence to conquer the earth and survive on our planet. Today there are about 20 million species on our planet, but this represents only a small moment, because 99% of the species living on the blue planet have already disappeared into the obscurity of the past. Here is a truly remarkable history of all these extinct dynasties from their rise to their fall. Created in collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic. Life on our planet uses state-of-the-art science and technology to bring back life to creatures that have been extinct for millennia and reveal the incredible story of life on our planet. Production of the series: Dan Tapster, Keith Scholey, Alastair Fothergill Executive production: Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey Production companies: Silverback Films, Amblin Television Size: eight 60-minute episodes

Our Oceans — Available in 2024 Hook: The oceans are the beating heart of our planet, yet they remain largely unknown and unexplored. From the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean to the furious depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the unpredictable Pacific Ocean surrounded by the Ring of Fire, and the cold isolation of Antarctica and the Arctic, Our Oceans explore the magical universe of these wonders hidden beneath the surface of the waters. Production of the series: Jonathan Smith Executive production: James Honeyborne Production companies: Freeborne Media, Wild Space Productions Size: Five 60-minute episodes

Our Living World — Available in 2024 Hook: Along its green-blue surface, the Earth seethes with vitality. Based on astonishing scientific discoveries and featuring stunning images of the planet’s incredible natural networks, Our Living World celebrates the living world, revealing the amazing web of connections that connects us all and sustains life, this most incredible phenomenon in our universe. Production of the series: Ben Roy Executive production: James Honeyborne Production companies: Freeborne Media, Wild Space Productions Size: Four 45-minute episodes

Our Water World — Available in 2025 Hook: by the executive producer of Blue Planet II, Our Water World It explores the incredible freshwater resources that are essential for life on Earth and the development of the planet. Discover the mysterious, surprising and fascinating history of our planet’s freshwater resources, from their icy worlds to raging rivers and bubbling waterfalls to enchanted cloud forests. Production of the series: Jackie Garbutt Executive production: James Honeyborne Production companies: Freeborne Media, Wild Space Productions Size: Five 60-minute episodes

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