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Microsoft France today announced the list of 11 startups selected for the second promotion of the Environmental Startup Accelerator, an ambitious program aimed at finding solutions for the energy transition, supply chain optimization and the circular economy. From January 2, 2023 and for 6 months, 11 startups will be supported by Microsoft and its partners at Station F, the world’s largest startup campus.

I’m excited to welcome a new batch of startups to our Green Startup Accelerator. We will work with them and our partners to develop innovative solutions to work towards a more sustainable world. I am proud to see key players gathered around Microsoft to bring their expertise and skills to develop these projects for the future. We will succeed by joining forces to respond to the urgency of the ecological transition. » Come Perpère – Director of Sustainability at Microsoft France

The jury is out for this second promotionEnvironmental Startup Accelerator thus selected 11 French startups that market technology solutions for public and private organizations to help them in their ecological transition. Startups are divided into three areas of activity:

  • Optimizing and tracking supply chains

Fairly Made® is a company with a mission to measure the social and environmental impact of the textile industry through a SaaS platform at the service of fashion players. It then allows you to communicate the results of this analysis using various communication modules.

Cardinal publishes a last-mile delivery optimization platform designed to improve operational performance and strategic decisions from day one. The state-of-the-art algorithms at the heart of the platform are able to handle data uncertainty and address the problem of parcel volume variability: two essential conditions for successful last-mile optimization.

Planet Score® is a tool for assessing and communicating the environmental value of food products from farm to fork. The Planet-score® label informs consumers without greenwashing and supports multi-criteria eco-design efforts by food industry players to truly care for the planet.

Samp offers a web-based solution that accelerates modernization projects for the industrial water and energy sectors. Their patented technology based on artificial intelligence and 3D enables the creation and updating of “Digital Twins” of devices that reconcile technical documents with reality on the ground.

Geosophia has created the first SaaS platform for evaluating geoenergy resources, which is local, sustainable, carbon-free, discreet and silent energy from the shallow underground. Geosophy allows real estate players and construction professionals to determine the geoenergetic potential of the basement of a building to be renovated or built and support the operation of their facilities.

Meersens is the benchmark SaaS/API platform for modeling the environment (Air, Pollen, thermal comfort, noise, etc.) to optimize the energy consumption of buildings while ensuring occupant health and well-being.

Vizcab is a Saas software platform for measuring and managing the carbon footprint of construction projects. Integrated into the digital ecosystem, Vizcab makes carbon data accessible and actionable for project owners, architects, engineers and manufacturers of all construction types and at all project stages.

Altaroad provides a flexible SaaS platform for field data collection to track material and waste streams, enabling effective real-time carbon footprint calculation through accurate field data collection and contextualized recommendations.

BiB Batteries helps electric bike and scooter operators manage their battery fleet. Based on data analysis, Bib monitors the cost of batteries in the new application, manages repairs and estimates their second life.

Lixo works to develop the circular economy by creating visionary solutions
smart waste. They can be used by all players in the industry: collectors, sorting centers and recyclers, to collect more recoverable waste and better channel it into the appropriate processing channels.

Telaqua’s mission is to support large farmers towards optimized and more responsible irrigation through an irrigation management assistance solution.

Selected startups will benefit from technological and business support from Microsoft and its partners through a customized approach. To provide targeted support, each startup will be supported by one or more partners according to their areas of expertise, depending on their focus and their needs:

  • ADEME will offer access to its business proposition, carbon calculator tools, and experience content in its library.
  • BCG will provide support around the topic “Sustainable production”. BCG experts will intervene with the winners and organize an exchange between the startups and their network.
  • Capgemini will offer startups technical support (especially related to their IT system architecture and cyber security system), strategic advice on business development plan and its implementation, as well as dedicated support from Applied Innovation Labs (AIE –). Exchange of Applied Innovations) for testing and validation of prototypes.
  • Demetera major European player in private equity for the eco-transition will make its teams available for startups to advise on fundraising, pitching and roadshows.
  • Solar Impulse Fund will offer support to startups to apply for Label Solar impulse (including environmental impact assessment and expert opinion). Once earned, the badge provides access to the investor network, access to sessions, as well as communication/promotional tools provided by the Fund.
  • Schneider-Electric will offer support on energy efficiency and make part of its network available to newbies.
  • F-STATION will give them access to all the resources they may need to develop (investor community, events and networking, mentoring offices, etc.).
  • SUEZ will offer support around the topic of the circular economy and make its network of experts available to startups.

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