Meta supports young talent in content creation and presents “Creators of Tomorrow”.

Today, we’re launching Tomorrow’s Creators, a campaign that highlights diverse emerging talent across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and represents a new creative movement in content creation.

Over the next few months, we’ll be helping these creators grow their audiences and careers on our platforms.

you can discover the faces of the campaign by consulting special site here and follow them on social media with “#Creators of Tomorrow”.

Celebrate the younger generation of content creators

We are sure that the Creators of Tomorrow have a bright career ahead of them. Whether it’s for their creative use of Reels, the values ​​they carry, or simply who they are, they’ve been chosen because they all embody a vision of new creation and retain the flair for innovation that led their careers into the metaverse.

They are video game enthusiasts RossiHD (UK) or Ovidiu Patrescu (Romania), as pioneers of Augmented Reality Muhammad Sultan (United Arab Emirates) or Lucas Guzman (Netherlands), artists such as NFT are coming out Inbar Levi (Israel), My father is Dylan Kose (Turkey) and Jan Kalab (Czech Republic) ; or leading community voices Eugenia LongoAmbassador of self-esteem in Italy, KwamboxA public figure in Kenya or Tania More Makeup, an advocate of the body positive movement in France. Content creators on meta platforms can pride themselves on covering the broad range of topics they’ve built stories and careers on our platforms.

At a time when new trends and new professions are born online every day, these “creators of the future” are experiencing an exceptional growth that allows them to live new experiences of the future of the Internet: creating their own digital markets, organizing immersive events with fans from all over the world or innovative concepts Collaborate with brands around you.

Whether innovating video formats today or building immersive worlds that deepen the connection with their fans and communities tomorrow, our creators represent the generation with the potential to make that vision a reality.

In addition to our work building the Metaverse, we’ll support all creators in their careers and give them access to cutting-edge tools, training and resources to help them stay abreast of new trends.

Regional programming

Today, various events will be held in our offices across Europe to bring our creators together and launch the campaign. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out programs and experiences to strengthen our collaboration, focus on their talent, and foster career development.

We’ll be holding in-person sessions and workshops to keep creators on the cutting edge of our technologies and tools. For example, in Italy we will bring together our creators for the “School of Reels” to introduce them to the best practices in this field. In South Africa, we host a ‘Creator Day’ with workshops on monetization, branded content and more.

We also want to provide exclusive experiences and events that allow our creators to create content that sparks conversation around cultural moments. In Germany, we welcome the “creators of the future” to the festival Superbloom, giving them VIP access to music programming. Likewise, our creators from the MENA region join us The Eternal is NowAn immersive art exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza to experience our augmented reality installations.

Finally, we’re excited to bring together all the creators of tomorrow at this year’s Meta Creative Week in November at the iconic Tate Modern in London. It will be an opportunity for them to meet other creators of all sizes to connect, share experiences and inspire each other about the future of content creation on our platforms.

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