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It was cold, but not a single drop fell. On the other hand, it is raining French medals at the European cross country championship. This Sunday, December 11, in Turin, the French delegation won 5 medals, including 1 title.

Senior men (10 km)

It took until the last race for the French delegation to win its first and therefore only title. As last year, the French managed to maintain their first place in the team thanks to Bastien Augusto, Yann Schrub and Morhad Amdouni.

Bastien Augusto and Yann Schrub take 6th placee and 7e places 29’52. Morhad Amdouni finished it on the 11th placee At 30’12. As long as we can beat the Italians and the Spanish.

Untouchable Jakob Ingebrigtsen wins in 29’33 and retains his title. He is ahead of British Emile Cairess (29’42) and Belgian Isaac Kimel (29’45).

For another Frenchman, Valentin Dondouin, meanwhile, finished 20the At 30’36. 43e Place for Youssef Mekdafou at 31’17. Donovan Christien finished 59the At 32’05.

Senior women (8 km)

No French medal among senior women. Marie Bouchard, best French finish 16e At 27’49, Norway’s Karoline Bjerkeli is more than a minute behind Grøvdal (26’25) and therefore retains her title. In the back we find 3 Germans: Konstanze Klosterhalfen, Alina Reh and Hanna Klein.

The Germans therefore logically win the team title ahead of the English and Irish.

As for other French women: Cécile Jarousseau is in 25th placee At 28’19, Alice Mitard is 30 years olde At 28’38, not far ahead of 33-year-old Mélanie Alliere At 28’45. Finally, Sarah Madeleine and Sophie Tonneau take 39 and 59e Place at 29’02 and 30’22.

Mixed relay (4×1.5 km)

The French medley relay of Anais Bourgoin, Charlotte Mouchet, Azeddine Habz and Romain Mornet takes 3.e square. 27’31 nice bronze medal! The championship was determined by the victory of the Italian relay in the final sprint (17’23), ahead of the Spanish relay (17’24).

Men’s Hopes (8 km)

Another race and another bronze medal. Valentin Bresch takes the 3rd placee Place at 23’58. British Charles HICKS (23’40) and Zakaria MOHAMED (23’48) preceded him.

4 yearse and 7e Instead of Etienne Daguinos (24’04) and Antoine Senard (24’10), the blue candidates beat the British and take the silver medal of the team. The Irish complete the podium.

Luc Le Baron, for his part, finished 27the At 24’43. 27e Place for Pierre Bordeau at 24’52. Theo-Rubens Banini is in 42nd placee At 25’09.

Female candidates (6 km)

Manon Trapp was hoping for a top medal in her category. Unfortunately, he finishes 6the At 20’42. Nadia Battocletti from Italy won (19’55).

In the team score, the French still get the bronze medals thanks to 15e and 17e Places for Floriane Quesada (21’08) and Flavie Renouard (21’13). The British beat the Italians to become European champions.

Three other Frenchmen, Eugénie Lorain, Anaëlle Guillonnet and Leatitia, finished in 34th, 36th and 47th.e Places at 21’48, 22’05 and 22’36.

Young women (4 km)

There are no medals in the junior women’s competition. Jade Le Corre, the first French woman to get 12e 42 seconds behind the new European champion (13’46). Spain’s Maria Forero wins in 13’04.

According to the teams, they take 6e square. Morgot Dajoux ranks 19the At 13’51. Flower Templar is 42 years olde At 14’12. Thais finish in Paris 54the Place at 14’28 and Faustine Chaboche at 62e Place at 14’35. In the end, Jade Buridon did not cross the finish line. It was the titular Spaniards.

Junior Men (6 km)

There are no medals in junior men either. Pierre Boudy is in 18th placee At 18’21, he tied with Irishman Callum Morgan. Gabriel Gabriel Timba took 24th placee At 18’21. 24e Place for Baptiste Cartiaux at 18’34. 43ePlace for Valentin Poulin at 18’45. Finally, Adrien le Richomme and Suleiman Yalaoui take 47e and 52e Place at 18’57.

With 5 medals, including 1 title, the French delegation returns from Italy with 5 medalse place in the medal standings. The British lead with a total of 10 medals, including 5 titles.

All the results of this European Cross Country Championship.

Killian Tanguy – photo: Twitter European Athletics

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