Famous communication agency YLG, 6th animal sense.

Yoann Latouche: YLG is a 360° communication agency, a reference in the animal world. Our strength: our experience, our approach (human), our style (all terrain), our belief (sincere), our passion (communicative). And above all, it is the only agency in France specialized in the animal world. The principle: strengthen the business, gain reputation and perform in digital to promote all the rough edges of a brand, SME or simply a product or service. We support more than 50 expert brands in the animal world in France and abroad.

Our 4 specialist areas:

  • Consulting and Audit: MKG – Communication – Distribution – Marketing
  • Digital & Influencer Campaign
  • Media, PR and Casting
  • Event B2B B2C

How did this idea come about?

YL: My grandfather gave me the passion for animals since childhood. I started volunteering at Vannes SPA when I was 11 years old. Then, in my teenage years, I passed my dog ​​trainer monitor. At the same time I bred a Berger Blanc Suisse and a Maine Coon. At 14 I joined Guilliers MFR where I passed my BEPA and BAC Pro driving and dog and cat breeding management. These studies replaced each other, so I worked in different structures: veterinarian, dog breeder, dog and cat boarding school, SPA, animal husbandry…

When I was 18, I started a commercial business in dog and cat food. Very soon I started working for the Eukanuba brand (Procter & Gamble) where I held the position of brand ambassador. After working for this brand for 7 years, I decided to start my own entrepreneurial adventure. Passionate and expert, I founded the agency YLG in 2016, which I envisioned as a true partner for family, authentic, pet-focused brands.

Success was dazzling with the arrival of a client, then 10, then 40. Word of mouth allowed me to expand the team and today I am surrounded by more than 16 employees, all enthusiasts and experts in communication and the world of pets. Cats, dogs, snakes, birds, rabbits… keep no secrets for the YLG team.

What are the company’s short-term goals?

YL: The short-term goal is to continue developing partnerships with companies working on animal welfare. Whether they are animal owners or professionals, we are there to connect them with their goals: associations, breeders, veterinarians, carers, educators… Finally, to closely support, listen and share with our customers.

To execute, we’ve just launched Pets Genius.com, aimed at individuals and influencers. This site will facilitate exchanges and free product trials between individuals and professionals, subject to feedback posting. This new site is a real springboard for brands and will allow them to get certified feedback.

What is your business model?

YL: It’s very simple. Depending on the activities performed for each client, we invoice them in monthly installments. Like all communication agencies, we are committed to the means, not the results.

Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

YL: That was not the main motivation. I never said to myself “I will become an entrepreneur”. After I left Eukanuba, which was my great freedom… I told myself that it would be difficult to be an employee with a position that could be more traditional. So I started, and it hasn’t always been easy. I have never been so sorry. Each day spent is different and brings its share of surprises. I love that we support so many different clients, from large groups to startups. I like to do different things. That’s why I’m the host of La Touche Animale on Brut and a columnist on C8’s William à Midi. It should be a week full of sport and adventure. The life of an entrepreneur is definitely not for everyone. For me, this is a real source of well-being.

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