4 best smartwatches

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The best Android smart watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Options


  • Sports design
  • Health Tracking
  • Fast charging
  • Powerful software
  • sleep tracking


  • Only compatible with Android devices
  • Autonomy is a little low

With a sporty design, the Galaxy Watch 5 has an AMOLED display that offers great ease of use. During our various tests, we appreciated its fluid and fast interface with its high-performance processor and constantly improving software. It also offers comprehensive health, wellness and sleep tracking thanks to built-in sensors. However, the Galaxy Watch 5 is only compatible with Android devices and the battery life is quite short, but thankfully charging is quick.

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The best budget smart watch

Xiaomi MiWatch

Xiaomi MiWatch Options


  • Easy management
  • Elegant design
  • Excellent screen quality
  • Intuitive interface
  • Many features


  • A very bulky template
  • Inaccuracy of sensors

Xiaomi Mi Watch has many advantages for its price. With a high-quality display, we were able to appreciate its intuitive and pleasant interface on a daily basis during our tests. It brings together many modern features that are as responsive as they are easy to use. However, we found that the Xiaomi Mi Watch is a relatively bulky model on the wrist and may lack accuracy in certain metrics such as heart rate, which may be insufficient for serious athletes.

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The best fully connected watch

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 Options


  • Fluid and pleasant interface
  • Rich features
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Elegant design


  • Low battery life
  • Compatible with iOS devices only
  • Data distributed across multiple apps (Sleep, Health, Fitness, etc.)

Apple Watch Series 8 remains a reference for Apple fans thanks to its traditional and elegant design. It is available in several sizes and features a flawless OLED display as well as a fluid operating system. During our tests, we were able to appreciate its many features, various app options, and great accuracy in health and fitness features. The weak point remains autonomy despite fast charging.

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The the clock is connected more effective for athletes

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Options


  • Very good autonomy
  • Route tracking function
  • Material quality


  • Heavy and bulky watch
  • The watch can be used almost exclusively with a Samsung smartphone

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is sturdy, we found its size to be too heavy and bulky. However, keep in mind that it has good screen quality and powerful software that makes the interface fluid and intuitive. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro includes an interesting route tracking feature for walking and cycling. Some offer adequate battery life of up to 80 hours, in addition to Samsung’s comprehensive features.

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Our testing process

To test the different connected watches, we wore each model for several days to evaluate them under everyday use conditions. Thus, we were able to evaluate the design and comfort of each watch in different situations: at night, during sports activities, at work, etc.

So we evaluated the quality and fluidity of the screen by looking at each app’s menus, as well as the intuitiveness of the different watches.

5 main criteria for choosing the right connected watch

Test Options

According to our product experts, these are the main criteria to consider when choosing the right connected watch.

1 – Operating system

  • Check if the system your smartphone uses is compatible with the system of the connected watch.
  • Wear OS: Compatible with Android and iOS, has the best app catalog, but may be less fluid.
  • Tizen OS: very fluid and intuitive, but unfortunately does not benefit from a good number of applications.
  • Watch OS: compatible with iOS only, fluid and intuitive.

2 – Ergonomics and design

  • In all cases, pay attention to the quality of the screen to benefit from high readability.
  • If you want it to be more discreet, compact and light, choose a sports watch.
  • Also, make sure to choose a strap and dial size that fits your wrist.

3 – Resistance

  • If you are doing outdoor activities, check its protection index (IP). This will indicate whether the watch has some degree of resistance to water and dust and/or dirt.
  • Ideally, a well-connected watch should be IP68, which guarantees that it is completely dustproof and waterproof to a depth of 1m for 1 hour.
  • Opt for Gorilla Glass covers to prevent the screen from getting scratched at the slightest friction.

4 – Main features

  • Check if the smartwatch can provide some basic information such as heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep analysis.
  • Trust user feedback to manage notifications, music and calls.

5 – autonomy

  • Note that the average value of autonomy is usually 3-4 days for the best watches.
  • If you plan to use all additional connections (mobile data, GPS), the stability of the connected watch will be affected.

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