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The color of feelings

director Training daymovies Equalizer and the latest remake GuiltyAntoine Fuqua is certainly one of those directors who has a certain taste for style and directorial effects that are generous but somewhat flashy. Emancipation not an exception to the rule. Between aesthetic slow motion, big movements, intricate compositions and spectacular pyrotechnics: if not virtuosic and/or truly impressive, Emancipation demonstrates admirable technical know-how.

The taste of this form will be able to satisfy the audience who craves a certain plastic pleasure. rose with selective black-and-white photography, here characterized by shades of green and yellow/orange. This photo by Robert Richardson (chief cinematographer on several films directed by Quentin Tarantino as well as Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsese) also evokes the little girl in red. List of shinglesor growing colors SinCity.

bright hope

Less sensitive, important and generous than its predecessors, Emancipation nevertheless, there is merit in enhancing the image with a beautiful aesthetic challenge, taking the viewer out of their visual comfort zone. Moreover, Antoine Fuqua’s structure allows for winding some impressive images and sequencesincluding one face-off with a dog and another with a hungry crocodile.

Additionally, a few graphic and gory shots with big shots of severed heads and severed legs that don’t give the impression that the cotton fields of the 1800s are all pretty and rosy give the whole thing some grit and stakes. Thanks to some quality special effects, an act or two with some breadth and sense of rhythm, certainly not virtuosic, but quite effective, Emancipation able to deliver a properly packaged and taped narrative.

Emancipation: picture, Will SmithMouthful movie

Will Smith Unchained

Unfortunately, it’s a technique that is stifled ultra-tagged American biopic smooth and wise side. The text panels at the beginning and end of the film, the heroic expression of the epic music, and the more or less artificial iconization of the hero are visible and considered signs of film structure, as are the presence of tetrahedrons in the Atlantic Ocean.

A classic formula in short, to complete a story that is equally as much about a father who must find his family and go through many adventures to achieve it. Family values, courage and faith: it’s all there this is a package of quiet conservative historical entertainment on a medium budget. Despite everything, from this elegant frame Antoine Fuqua and screenwriter Bill Collage (Speech: Gods and Kings, the Carrier – Legacy, Assassin’s Creed) could still survive effective, well-crafted, and/or sensitive…

well no Emancipation surprisingly unoriginal and too fake-sounding to impress. The game itself Here’s Will Smith delivering a lambda performance at the Oscarswith the blows big eyes, fierce screams and ad stares, all covered in a fake Haitian accent to cut with a knife. Like the staging of a movie, the Hollywood actor shows off his big arms but never knows what to do with them, thus completely suffocating the viewer’s emotion.

Emancipation: picture, Will SmithWill Smith presents a horror film


Moreover, his character is nothing more than a sanded-down archetype of the American hero without nuance or depth. The lack of complex characterization isn’t a problem in itself, but when it becomes the main character a caricature of a demigod with unlimited benevolence and courageall empathy and emotional involvement of the viewer is cut off.

Ditto for the film’s antagonist, despite the presence of Ben Foster. cold, unsympathetic and megalomaniac never out of the big bad phase. This strong Manicheanism constantly relegates these characters to their scripted function, preventing the viewer from being moved and/or disturbed by their conflict.

Emancipation: photo by Ben Foster“Oh greuh, I’m bad!”

The same goes for the film’s secondary characters that accompany Will Smith’s journey, simple mechanical tools without characterization that often serve as cannon fodder. Such is the backfire on the hero’s family, who are desperately waiting for his return. too superficial to really touchcomes to an ending that weighs down the story of the character’s nightmarish journey.

Although it has a serious and solemn toneEmancipation invites you to a wide-ranging and sensitive account of the plight of slaves in the early 1860s, the film never questions its screenwriting clichés and thus prevents any relevance. The only character who could have brought an ounce of nuance, conflict, and therefore discourse would have been an African-American antagonist in Ben Foster’s camp.

But again, the film is nothing more than a vague monologue with neither object nor narrator. Finally, even with a director who knows how to build a frame, ambitionEmancipation is constantly suffocated by a script that has no point of view but is sure to have one.

Emancipation is available on Apple TV+ from December 9, 2022

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