L’Esprit Sorcier TV puts science at the center of the small screen

Wizard’s Soul TVis a new science and environment channel founded by part of the team This is not rocket science. This TV channel, born from the information website of the same name, aims to make science accessible to as many people as possible and always explain it in an entertaining way. interview with editor-in-chief Fred Courant Wizard’s Soul TV.

Fred Courant, science journalist and former anchor It’s not rocket science. launched his science-popular channel on December 7 Spirit of the Sorcerer television

Making science accessible to as many people as possible and explaining it in a fun way is what made the show so successful This is not rocket science Fred Courant co-hosted with Jamy Gourmaud for 20 years. So here it is Spirit of the Sorcerer, the main information site, in a new format: television. This educational media gives everyone the keys to a better understanding of our world and to form an opinion about the main topics of science and society. Natura Sciences spoke to Fred Courant, who explains what it means to launch this channel in an extraordinary climate.

What place do scientists have in this chain?

Spirit of the Sorcerer it’s a science and environment channel for the whole family. It was important for us to develop a channel that creates a dialogue between the world of science and citizens. We talk a lot with scientists. For years, I conducted scientific-popular programs. But Cemi and I spoke for them.

Over the course of ten years, I realized that the number of scientists who are not only passionate about research, but also passionate about imparting science is increasing. with Spirit of the Sorcerer, we really want to rely on these people, these talents. There are many young scientists who have learned to become popular and communicate thanks to the media and YouTube. Our goal is to really give them a voice.

By the way, how did you get from the site to the channel?

There are two reasons for this. I originally built this channel with people who have worked in the television industry for a long time. Especially Pascal Léonard, who is the director This is not rocket science.

Also, thanks to the scientists who inspired us for the channel! For the site, we worked a lot with research organizations, creating public events with them that we streamed live. During Covid, having an audience was no longer an issue, so we had long live shows every day on various science topics. And one day these organizations will tell us “why not do it more often and year-round?”. So we thought we could make a channel for it.

What does a startup do? Spirit of the Sorcerer In a time of environmental and climate emergency?

This is really urgent. It is up to us to add another stone to the building of the climate crisis. We want to introduce additional elements for understanding, but they are valid and reliable. The world, especially with covid, is emerging from a period of a kind of mistrust of science.

During this time, people heard from scientists, some seriously, and some less so. Some were called as columnists on regular news channels without any skills. It was kind of confusing. The first thing we want is a return to scientific rigor, coupled with information rigor, to restore audience confidence.

can you say that?

Our daily life is occupied by scientific questions in a broad sense. The world’s current energy problems are science. People would like to have more energy at home and restart nuclear power plants. But you have to be interested and also understand how a nuclear power plant works, how long it works, and what problems it can cause. Citizens need to understand how the world works in order to be able to express their views. Power outages are the main topic of news this week. Therefore, for example, it is necessary to explain how the RTE network works. Yes, there are problems, but before we panic, we should try to understand their origin.

We are very happy because one of the godmothers of the channel is Valérie Masson-Delmotte, so in terms of scientific references and popularity, she is an outstanding person.

So enter wizard spiritIs there a desire to restore faith in science and information?

This is so. We really try to be scientific and rational when we talk about global warming. Because everyone has their own opinion on the subject, some are afraid of it, some don’t believe it, some say it’s already too late, nothing more can be done. Faced with this observation, we want to create a scientific inventory, to photograph things at a certain moment. Knowing that this is an ever-evolving subject, one must bring back some sort of scientific objectivity. And from there, everyone can make an informed choice. We really want to bring science to the fore, tell what the true state of knowledge is, produce reliable content.

And we will find a touch This is not rocket science on this new channel?

It will be “La Petite Voix” that never leaves us! Then I think This is not rocket science part of our dough, it accompanied me, me and some members of the team for twenty years. In addition, we will rebroadcast the shows This is not rocket science every Tuesday evening. We’ll even share a behind-the-scenes program of the film’s shooting in a few weeks This is not rocket science.

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