Health. Does “superintelligence” apply to all cases of Asperger’s autism?

After Mark Zuckerberg, Vincent Van Gogh, Marie Curie, Andy Warhol, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and even Albert Einstein, Lionel Messi, Eminem and Thomas Edison, the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk joins the list of celebrities with some form of autism: Spray (1) ).

There is only one step from genius to creativity!

The form that Elon Musk “suffered” was discovered in 1944 by the Austrian doctor Hans Asperger. Behavioral problems in several children with normal development in intelligence and speech but marked impairment in social relationships and communication » Details Isabelle Hénault, psychologist.

Does this mean that Elon Musk, whose IQ a priori is higher than 155, will finally have normal intelligence? No, not everything is so binary in the world of neuro-atypia (2), a veritable color chart of neurological traits (DYS disorders, hypersensitivity, high intellectual potential, etc.).

Surely,” cognitively, Asperger patients have average intellectual functioning “, describes Isabelle Henault. But it happens and it seems that Elon Musk has an intellectual level ” in the upper class of the population », in connection with “ excellent memory capacity, as well as the ability to develop remarkable passions and talents “.

And according to Dr. Asperger, whose work was not made public until the 1980s, “ these extravagant individuals can achieve a certain level of success and social adjustment “. In all these points, Elon Musk now answers!

Yet according to Isabelle Hénault, “ In order for a person to receive a diagnosis of high-functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome, they must have an intelligence quotient (IQ) (in the superior range) in addition to the criteria usually established for a diagnosis of autism. “. Therefore, we understand that not all cases of Asperger’s autism are related to one form. superior intelligence “.

Family history, fixation tendencies, frozen expression

But the new Twitter boss, like all Aspergers, will have significant difficulty maintaining fluid communication and satisfying social relationships.

Other features associated with this neurological disorder compared to typical forms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ” next view [des difficultés]frequent family history, less frequent neurological disorders, more favorable prognosis “. But at the same time a growing trend difficulties in understanding puns, expressing one’s emotions accurately, intuitively recognizing them » of others. In a group, a sick form can live ” weakness “.

The autistic Asperger has a significant number of subjects ” preference “at the center of his interests, as much as he can” to fixate » on a certain subject, « without worrying whether the interlocutor is interested or not “.

He is also struggling apply the instructions “. In this regard, perhaps Elon Musk’s space conquest projects can be part of this path: to convince humanity to conquer space one day at any cost, and to make his project a little more concrete every day.

At the neurosensory level, and we don’t have all this information about Elon Musk, Asperger’s autism.” heightened or sensitivity of certain senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell), often awkward gestures, a certain posture, often frozen and not very lively facial expression “.

But also a a strong tendency to intellectualize feelings, sensations and feelings, difficulty looking into the eyes of the interlocutor, motor tics, possible difficulty recognizing faces (prosopagnosia) “.

1: Remember that autism has many variants and several degrees, so today we are talking about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) rather than autism.

2: Cerebral characteristics may underlie Asperger’s syndrome, with overactivity of the left hemisphere (seat of language, thought, and logic) compared to the right hemisphere (seat of empathy and creativity).

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