Back to the candle, art and history, COP15 and the arms economy: a catch-up session

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Hello to everybody

On the agenda for this Session: What do we know about arms production and trade as the war in Ukraine continues? Then, closer to home, the Paris cinema Le Grand Rex was renovated, Kaouther’s Adimi won the French Culture-Télérama student novel prize, and the French panicked at the thought of being without electricity. We also set out to discover prehistoric art and eventually the cast of the film Almond trees it is a controversial fact, I wonder what can be tolerated in artistic creativity today. Happy listening ? Lola Desmole

Enlargement of the week: in war as in war

Two M72 long-range anti-tank guns
Two M72 long-range anti-tank guns


In this first week of December, Xavier Mauduit immerses us in the history of military strategies from Caesar through Che Guevara and Sun Tzu to Clausewitz. But since Russia invaded Ukraine, war has been the work of historians only. Given the significant assets deployed by Russian and Ukrainian forces over the past nine months, questions about armaments have resurfaced. Who are the countries that produce and export weapons of the 21st century?


Weapons: Lessons from the Ukrainian War


Strategists, military history


Arms economy

It’s in the news

Kindergarten in Paris
Kindergarten in Paris

© Getty
– Mark Piasecki

?️ In the civil service. Amid loss of meaning and insufficient reward, how to rediscover the joy of public service? At the opening

This Friday is a special day in public service , an interview with senior civil servant Martin Hirsch and Lucie Castets, spokeswoman for Our Public Services. (

Morning guest, 40 minutes)

♻️ Go to COP! After COP27 on global warming, COP15 on biodiversity is less interesting. Is biodiversity the weak link in international climate negotiations?

(World Cultures, 57 min)

Secularism in school. On Friday, December 9, we celebrated the national secularism day. Sometimes there were many questions about his teaching at school and teacher training. Important questions at a time when incidents are on the rise in enterprises.

(Being and knowing, 59 min)

? You have feathers! Kaouter Adimi won the 2022 French Culture-Telerama Student Novel Prize. His novel In bad wind impressed the jury. Three of its members joined the Book Club table to chat with the winner.

(Welcome to the Book Club, 37 min)

Back to candles?

Two women around a table lit by candles
Two women around a table lit by candles

© Getty

?️ But what if we find ourselves without electricity? According to the President of the Republic, this is an “extreme scenario”, but it is possible if French consumption does not decrease by at least 10%. Therefore, the beginning of 2023 can be done under candlelight and plaid. If this prospect scares you: start or continue, pay attention to your consumption and adopt “eco-gestures”.

The risk of power outages creates panic (Public Spirit, 23 min)

“Ravage” by René Barjavel: how to live in a world without electricity? (Don’t Dare to Ask, 58 min)

Power outage: if it was the journalists’ fault (Morning mood, 2 min)

Power outages: have we become fragile? (Political note, 4 min)

It’s time…

You have 1️⃣3️⃣ minutes

? Vroom vroom. Are you dreaming of autonomous shuttles? If your answer is no, rest assured, you are not alone. Although these vans were the technological revolution of the last decade, there were setbacks. Why is this a total flop? (


You have 3️⃣0️⃣ minutes

?️ Prehistoric art. Directly inspired by the environment in which they lived, and especially by wildlife, prehistoric people wanted to leave traces of their passage in caves, rock shelters or exposed walls. But did each Paleolithic artist have his own style? (

Carbone 14, Journal of Archaeology)

You have 3 to 8 minutes

?️ Scandal! Film is at the center of cultural news almond trees, along with its lead actor Sofiane Bennacer, who is accused of rape, questions the teaching methods in force at the Nanterre theater school. Beyond the clash of generations, certain practices have become intolerable in art as elsewhere. (

Debate time)

You have 5 to 8 minutes

?‍? In another world. Although, to be fair, the metaverse doesn’t exist yet, there are some that represent online services that provide access to virtual worlds. But what do these infinitely complex spaces represent from a legal point of view? (

the spirit of righteousness)

And that’s the end of this session. He wasn’t the happiest, but as Christmas approaches, the next ones will be even more so…I promise! In the meantime, we’ve raised questions that will surely enliven your next debates on the terrace or with this weather, or rather, indoors. The school has a wide range of topics, from blackouts to secularism, crossing the boundaries of artistic creativity. Speaking of artistic creativity, in 1857 Flaubert presents us

Emma Bovary, a complex character, even… dumb ? So that’s another topic of conversation for next week. See you next time!

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