A wedding ring lost at a Strasbourg Christmas market has been found thanks to France Bleu Alsace.

The SOS of an alliance in dire straits was heard. Thanks to the Facebook post from Alsace with over 10,000 shares and the article you read, Jérémy and Angélique find their lost wedding ring Sunday, December 4, at the Strasbourg Christmas market.

The couple, who live in the Paris area, come to Strasbourg every year for the Christmas market. That Sunday, “I was walking with my wife and mother-in-law, I realized that the wedding ring was no longer on my finger”Jeremy says. The family wanders the corridors of the market for a while, to no avail. You have to go home without the ring, heartbreaker.

The little boy is Eliott and his mother, Corinne Sonntag, from Strasbourg. Eliott takes the wedding ring and her mother posts the photo on Facebook in hopes of finding the owner. We see the ring closely, with engraved initials (A and J). And a date, June 3, 2022, probably the wedding date.

The union was found at the Strasbourg Christmas market

Corinne Sonntag

My sister took our children downtown to the museum on December 4th. When my son came home, he told me, look, mom, I found a ring. On closer inspection, we saw the inscription A&J inside, apparently married on June 3, 2022. I told my son that they would be very happy to find the ring. Therefore, we posted this ad on Facebook in the hope of finding the owners through sharing.” Corinne Sonntag explains.

This is where a little miracle comes in. First, the article was a huge success on Facebook: more than 10,000 shares in a few days. Then France Bleu Alsace publishes this article and in turn shares it on our social networks. Finally, less than two hours later, Aurélie, a regular on our Facebook page, recognizes the union.

is loaded

Aurelie works at Zeina jewelry store in Strasbourg and her wedding ring is in the catalog. Finds owners thanks to invoices and customer file. J and A were Jérémy and Angélique, living in the Paris region. The newlyweds are happy with France Bleu Alsace: “You don’t realize how quickly you get attached to something like that, and it’s really very, very symbolic.”

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