[Chronique d’Odile Tremblay] Swallow porridge for cats

The world is going crazy. Here is a statement that may reconcile the conflictwoke up conspirators, like those above and below, Trumpists and anarchists. Each blames the other, and vice versa. Because virtue dwells, it is known to everyone, in its own yard. Thus, God blessed the two armies that fought in his name on the battlefields. You don’t even need religion to kill yourself. Bad faith is enough. – He is the one who went off the rails, sir, not me! – Like at school.

But there is a way to decry the new standards of decency that silence journalists at Radio-Canada without denying the failure of the evolutionary right in other areas. In short, it is enough to fight excess in all directions. It is he who blurs the vision.

We click on the color and diagram. Our affluent societies are revolting against the evils of greenhouse gases and the deforestation that is killing green and brown creatures, and intending to force people to migrate away from the areas they are driving from all sides. Our mind is elsewhere. The grocery bill is already rising and the threat of covid is once again inviting itself to end-of-the-year celebrations. And swim titanic to his iceberg.

Concessions obtained in the break-up

What will happen to the compromises reached during the signing of the agreements of the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity in Montreal? is to do. But we will have to accept concrete sacrifices in our daily lives and question the victorious capitalism. Humanity has good intentions, but an unquenchable thirst for comfort. And minds are all confused. Creates dissonant chords. At CHSLD, when nurses are fired for eating a peanut butter sandwich or donut, it’s because managers are in over their heads. Frankly, if they keep such scoundrels in their bosom, they will be afraid of being insulted by the fundamentalists of the box. This atmosphere says… Come back Poor people When Victor Hugo left, Jean Valjean was rotting in prison
stole bread.

We laugh at ourselves in Quebec. So let’s laugh. Releases steam without much adjustment. A cultural milieu occupied by a bunch of comedians also finds itself caught between two currents of the day: either a petrified status quo or a blind adherence to the new norms of social tolerance.

Museum universe

Take the museum universe. If he intended to focus on protecting his heritage by favoring informed decisions beyond the vagaries of the clock, the crisis at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa calls for something quite different. The minute shifts are run under the leadership of Angela Cassie, who has been acting director since the (herself highly controversial) departure of Sasha Sudan last summer. Comrade Brassier’s goal: to decolonize the enterprise. Of course, this museum, like its peers, must become a window to the world and further integrate the heritage of First Nations through its collections and performances.

The fact is, the sweeps are so strong there, and the firing of Greg A. Hill, chief curator of Aboriginal art, is so out of character that we’re confused. It is enough to support the protesters. Many there object to rapid and irreversible change, fearing, among other things,
weakening the public’s awareness of valuable collections. The inevitable tip of the hat to Riopelle’s 100th anniversary was there with a lip service. Respecting another whiteness confused the management.
But there is a way to unlock the game without throwing away the treasures from the past.

In broom closets?

Artistic considerations are suppressed inside the museum. Surprise! Will we soon have to move our flagship cases to the broom closets? Who takes the time to weigh the enormous challenges of an institution dedicated to memory and innovation? These volatile substances, born of basic analysis, foresight, judgment, a sense of history and culture, are losing popularity. He talks to the devil…

So I read a little essay published by Statégikus, which, despite the sometimes absurd reasons and excessive tone, made me smile. Under the sweet name Towards the brutalization of the human species, its author, Quebec engineer Romain Gagnon, beats all the slides. Exile culture, conspiracy theorists, climate skeptics, the culture of God and company crazies. And to see someone looking for a seed of sanity in the madness around them without being confined to a single camp made me believe for a moment that general inquiry would be returned under the mists of the day.

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